Thursday, August 2, 2007

We have a WINNER!

I had a hard time deciding exactly where to draw the line...the albums store $1 clear acrylic stamps from Michaels...but I guess technically they ARE unmounted stamps. So I included everyone that had said either acrylic stamps or unmounted stamps in the drawing.
Then had my son draw a name and the winner is.....

Congrats Michaela - if you'll send me your snail mail address to my email (janeenaj72312836 at aol dot com) then I'll get your surprise package out in the mail!

That's all for now. My interview yesterday went really well and have another today with a different place. Also got the "pee-waddling" scared out of me last night by some javelina's (at least what I think was javelinas). Will have to share more about that later. But for now I need to go get ready! Have a great day.


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TheDvineMissM said...

Awesome news about the intview!!! CONGRATS to Michaela :)