Sunday, August 26, 2007


Gross stuff out of the way (see post below entitled Ewww) and now it's time to share some creative stuff.

First off - here are a few tile magnets I made. I used brown staz-on ink and a sponge to sponge the edges and lightly sponge the tile itself (it was a little brown to start with). Then I stamped the leaf in green staz-on. Add a magnet to the back with E-6000 and they are done.

Do you remember the glass marbles I made a while back? I wanted to see if I could make them into pushpins instead of magnets? Well, I found some flat backed pins at CVS pharmacy the other day and bought them. Adhered with E6000 and let sit overnight. And now they are hanging on my bulletin board. I'm going to use them for a month or so to make sure they hold up to the weight. But for they are!

And now, totally unrelated to stamping...but related to creativity is a picture of an afgan my mom made. She was THE artist in this family...and she had WAY more patience than I do. I tried to learn how to crochet and knit but never had the patience to follow it through. I guess that's why stamping and scrapbooking work for me (I can have a finished product in a few hours). My mom used to knit us sweaters that we'd wear all summer long with our names knitted into them. She also made a huge cougar (our high school symbol) blanket that was raffled off. The person who won it donated it back to the school...which hung it as a welcome to everyone who came in the school. Many years later they tracked her down and asked for her to add some details to it (text) which she did. And it's back in it's place now. Mom passed away in 1997 but I have this afgan hanging in my living room to remind me of her.

Wasn't her stuff amazing? I have a crocheted throw that was done with the thread (that's like sewing thread). It's tons and tons of roses...each one hand done and they are held together with a beautiful "web" of white crocheting. I have that one tucked away in my cedar chest. She made 4 of these...let each of us choose which color of roses we wanted. I won't even say how much time that must have taken her. If you knew my Mom, you'd never think she was the type to make such delicate frilly things. She was NOT a girly girl. She worked on cars (when younger), dug trenches and planted trees, smoked cigars (and later Chesterfield King unfiltered cigs) and drank Hamms beer. She didn't wear makeup or dresses. She cooked ok...but not great (except for her noodles, her enchiladas and her bread...which were to die for). But MAN was that lady creative. I'm glad she passed a few of those creative genes along to me.


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