Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A couple small things to share

Well, I didn't do much yesterday in the realm of creativity. One of the things I did do was make invitations for my upcoming Arbonne party. I only made about 12 of these and figured the rest of the people (like members of the PTO) will get the postcard invite that the Arbonne lady gave me to send out. I tried to keep these really simple. I opened Word and set the margins out as far as I could, then added a table with three columns and 2 rows. I'd originally tried just two columns but then the text between the two was too close. My creating a third column in the center I was able to easily adjust the distance. I typed in the wording that was on the postcard invite and then added my details. Copy and pasted 4 times (to create one page) and viewed on the print preview. When it looked well centered I then set the table borders and shading to none and printed it out on cardstock. Then the rest was a single stamp (from SU's Bubble Queen), corner rounding, attached to another layer (also corner rounded) and then added ribbon. For some reason my scan cut off the bottom of the card but it looks just the same as the top. Anyways...here is one of the 12. ;-)

And then I thought I'd share what came in the mail. On SCS there is a Buy/Sell/Trade forum. You all know how I love my House Mouse stamps. But generally they are about $10-15 a pop for the bigger ones and I'm too cheap (and at the moment too broke) to pay that much for a stamp. BUT I managed to get all three of these with shipping for $20.

I also created one small halloween thing but will save that for later because I haven't taken a picture of it yet. Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! You are very creative.


TheDvineMissM said...

Very cute invitation :O) I love that spa girl. Thanks for sharing!