Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More alcohol inks

Well, I didn't drink any alcohol today...but I did play with some! Alcohol INKS that is! ;-) I wanted to make some dominoes with the alcohol inks. So first, I let my dominoes sit in bleach overnight to make them so they aren't as slick/smooth. Then rinsed and dried them and they are ready to go. I do this step when I first get the tin of dominoes and then I don't have to do it again and can stamp just a few dominoes when I feel the urge.

So, today I felt the urge. LOL. First I mixed two colors of alcohol inks and a couple drops of metallic ink to my blotter tool (basically a wood block with a piece of felt velcro'd to it). I wanted my dominoes to be light in color...so first I stamped the cardstock completeley and then added some blending solution to the blotter tool and then stamped the domino (so it was getting the "2nd generation" so to speak). Then I stamped the images in black. Well, my staz-on ink pad was dried out. I had another pad that I thought would work. But it never dried. I tried hitting it with a heat gun...still wet. So finally, I ended up having to use embossing powder on them and heat setting that. NOW they seem to be ok.

Here are the cardstock pieces and the dominoes...

And here is a close up of the dominoes themselves:

Now...I'll need to decide exactly what I want to do with the dominoes. I can make them into keychains, pins, magnets, etc. I can use a metallic krylon pen and draw around the outside of the domino...or I can use red tape and seed beads. I can use wire and beads (although this would be my weakest area). For now, I guess I'll go blog hopping and try to find some samples on what to do with my newest "toys".

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