Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fed Up

Just a vent this morning re: my old workplace. I received my "final" paycheck. They didn't pay me for my last day AND they didn't pay me for my sick/vacation time I'd accrued. And it's been 3 weeks since I've been termed (and technically I believe by law they are supposed to get you your final check within 48-72 hours). I called our department secretary who told me to call a person in payroll. I sent them an email with my questions and she called back but I missed the call. All it said was that she was returning my call to discuss what my final paperwork said. My guess is that my jerk of a boss didn't count my last day for payroll. Dammit, I worked that last day till they terminated me at 3:00 in the afternoon. My normal end of day was 4:00 and I didn't leave the building till after 4:00. I should be paid for it. That's $100 that will buy groceries for a week. And I asked about vacation/sick/personal time at my termination and was told that I'd be paid the vacation and sick by the Director of our department. The Union person was there to hear that and document it. I'll fight for it if necessary. In the meantime I returned the payroll person's call but missed HER this time (guess we are playing phone tag). Will wait to hear what she has to say before I get any more riled up.

Update: Talked to the payroll person later in the day. Apparently my boss put the date they termed me on the form instead of the following day like he was supposed to. So that's how I missed my final day of pay. They said he'll have to resubmit it with a changed date in order for me to get paid. I asked it they could contact him but they said I had to. Just what I DON'T want to ask the jerk for anything. AND he's on vacation. So I called and left him a voicemail asking him to change the form so I could get paid for my last day. And because the paperwork was turned in late...they haven't processed my vacation pay - I won't get that till the NEXT pay period/check on the 17th. Sigh. So much for the laws of Arizona and have 3 business days to pay someone once you terminate them. I guess the good side is that it's stretching out the incoming funds which makes it feel like it's lasting longer.


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TheDvineMissM said...

Good luck!!!!! You are right to fight. Keep your chin up :O)