Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Artwork as promised! Fall is here!

Well, Fall is ALMOST here. Are you thinking leaves and pumpkins yet? I am SO ready for some cooler weather. In the interim I decided to pretend it was Fall and make a couple seasonal cards.

This first card was from the tutorial that I mentioned previously. Almost all stamps are CTMH (the exception being the "cutest pumpkin in the patch saying which is from TAC).

Here's the front view of the pop-up card standing up:

The coolest thing about this card is that it collapses and folds down for mailing in a standard size card!

Here's the frontal view of the card folded for mailing...

And here is a side view of it folded (to give you an idea of the mechanics)...

And then I decided to make a "simple" card. Ever have a card where it just won't cooperate with you? That's this card. I'm still not sure I'm thrilled with it. But it's good enough for the swap I need it for. All stamps are from TAC.

Ok...am I forgiven for not posting as much artwork this week?



Colleen Schaan said...

Oh my Gosh! that card is amazing...at first I though, "I don't see how it is a pop up card..." But then I realized that the box it was on was part of the card! How cool!!! You MUST give a tutorial on how to make those.

Debbie Neuman said...

Hello Jane,

I would like your pattern for your pop up card? Can you send it to me at dmneuman@fedex.com ? Thx...I LOVE IT !!!!! Debbie

Rose Ann said...

Jane, Your pumpkin pop-up card turned out so adorable!!! I love your blanket stitching and weathered wood look! Super cute card too! Great job!!