Thursday, August 23, 2007

Major Projects to Share!

Well, my scramping room looks like a tornado went through it...but I have made some major accomplishments today! And if you're REALLY lucky I'll share them with you! ;-) guys know I can't wait. So I guess I'm sharing!

My first project was a card organizer. This was started awhile back. I'd made the cover but hadn't gotten it finished. Yesterday I finished the pages and had it bound at OfficeMax. And now it's ready to go to its new owner...Mr. Mike! Mike is one of my best friends and he travels ALL over the country for work. He's one of the few males that I know that is pretty good about sending out cards. So, two years ago I made him a card organizer. Didn't hear anything about it for awhile and didn't know if he had used it or not. Well, a few months ago he asked me if I'd make him another one because his former one was falling apart. He said it'd traveled the country with him in his suitcase. So...this time I actually had them put on a plastic cover and backing so maybe it'll last even longer than the first one did. I'm not entirely happy with the binding job - but it's not like they can redo it. And it's good enough to use...just not good enough for the perfectionist in me! view the picture larger...just click on the photo. Then use your browser's back arrow to go back to the original location.

Without further it is!


I found this embossed fish paper clearanced at Michael's for .10 a sheet. Isn't it cool?

First page:

What the inside pages look like side by side:

Ok...are you excited enough yet????

No? You want MORE???

Are you SURE?


This is the other project I worked on today. It isn't COMPLETELY finished yet (it will eventually be a countdown to Christmas with magnetic numbers) but the base portion of it is done. I saw these on Katy Did Creations' blog (see her link to the right) and had to try one. I'm considering making these to sell at craft fairs. BUT, I'd definitely need to simplify them. This one uses a TON of time intensive processes. Actual products I probably only have about $3-5 into this. But timewise...I spent probably 4-5 hours. Basically ALL day while the kids were in school and it still isn't complete. I'd have to sell this for big bucks to make it worth that time!

Here's the whole clipboard. Notice all the piercing, the chalking, the faux stitching, the paper piecing.

And here's a close-up of just the deer portion. Man he was a lot of work. I remember why I never jumped on board the paper piecing bandwagon before! ;-) I think I did maybe 1 or 2 of these in my scrapbooks and then decided I had better things to do with my time! LOL. I gotta go get ready for the open house at the school. Have a great evening!


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