Sunday, August 19, 2007

Halloween Mouse

I recently discovered that you can get SOME of the House Mouse stamp images in clear acrylic (vs wood mount). Honestly, for most things I like wood mount better. But these HM stamps are just SO big and take up so much space that sometimes less is better. Plus the wood mount stamps go for $9-15 per stamp...and I got this whole Christmas set for $10 on ebay. So it was a ganga deal. is a CHRISTMAS set which limits it's usage. I figured the mouse with the peppermint could be used year round (with a saying about being sweet) and then I saw the mouse with the Santa hat...and I knew just what I was going to do with him. I had a witch hat from a cheap set of stamps I got at Michael's. I stamped the mouse (minus his hat) and then stamped the witch hat instead. Walaa...a Halloween Mouse!

Here's the whole original set and the witches hat so you know how I started:

And here's a close up of just the card:

I got the layout for the card from Jen over at her blog Iheart2stamp.

I have another new halloween card (and another sketch that I used) but will save it for another day. It's 1a.m. here and I'm still wide awake so thought I'd come sign on and share just a tidbit of new stuff! Hope you are all sleeping soundly and not wide awake like I am! LOL.

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