Friday, August 3, 2007

I can see clearly now...

Thought I'd share some "pebbles" that I made today. Normally you'd put magnets on the back of these. I'm going to go to Home Depot and see if I can find some tacks that have a large flat head and try gluing that onto a pebble to make these into decorative tacks.

Anyways, I found the bag of pebbles at the $1 store. Then I stamped some images and colored them in. On the back of each pebble I used CTMH's liquid glass and on some I added a few drops of stickles (so they are glittery). Then I pressed the pebble on top of the stamped images. Then let them dry.

Next I used scissors and trimmed all around the pebbles as close as I could. To finish them off I will either add magnets or tacks (if I can find some that will work and hold the weight).

Aren't they cute?

I worked on another project today but I can't share because it's a gift for a friend. Will post pictures later.

Can I just vent for two seconds and ask what it is about males that they ALWAYS seem to find farts, naked body parts, and pain funny no matter what their age? What's the deal with the JackAss shows and movies? I don't get it. They repulse me. I think they just did way too many drugs at some point and have no brain left (that's my excuse for the "actors"). But I still don't understand why OTHER people find it funny.



Anonymous said...

Will you please make me a few frogs? I think I have magnets at school that would be strong enough to hold them. I have made magnets like that before but I used paint to put the image on the back...never thought of the fantastic idea of stamping (duh!)

Got lots of great clothes for back to school with the was a nice two days!


TheDvineMissM said...

These are so awesome! I love those stamps and what you did with them. Congrats on another great interview...I know you will be back in the workforce soon. It is hard to keep a positive force down!