Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Good morning all! First off...let me share another card! This one was created using Beate's Sketch Challenge #15.

The stamps are from a cheapo set I got at Michael's last year. It doesn't have a company name...just stays "distributed by Michael's" on the box. The background stamp (circles) is from Cornish Heritage Farms. It was one that was/is being retired so I got it for half off. Gotta love that! LOL!

And now that the fun stuff is over...I thought I'd share some more about the work situation and update you. I did have an interview on Friday which I felt went REALLY well. At least this time they are only interviewing 4 people...not 40 like one of the other jobs I interviewed for. If nothing else, I feel honored to have even been 1 of the 4 chosen. My main qualm about this one is that two of the interviewees are internal applicants and I know usually that gives them priority. A good thing is that the two ladies I'd be working with used to work at one of the companies I did and knows a lot of the same people (good people who will give me references).

Last night I was wide awake WAY too late and found a personality test to take which is supposed to tell you which type of personality you have and which sort of careers would be best for you. I think this one really nailed me. So I thought I'd share it with you. I am considered an ISFJ personality read a description of what that means you can click HERE. And for the career types they recommended you can click HERE. What's funny is that I'd considered many of these careers but ultimately chose not to do some of them BECAUSE of my personality. I know I could never be in social work or'd kill me because I take things too personally and want to help everyone.

Anyways, just thought that was interesting. I think if you know me personally you'll see how closely these two sites hit my personality. It was a series of about 40 questions that I had to answer. I don't think it said the name of the test, or even if it's a standard test. Regardless, interesting nonetheless!

Have a great Sunday all!



beate said...

What a fun Card! Thanks for trying out the sketch!

Good luck with that job! I hope you get it.

Alexandra said...

what a cute halloween card - very festive! I found your blog through Beate's - I love doing her challenges! TFS! And, good luck with the job - I hope you get it! Alex