Sunday, August 26, 2007


Somebody needs to get my DH a job...he's SO bored that he went on the internet, found grasshopper recipes, went out and caught grasshoppers, cleaned said grasshoppers and then cooked them and ate them. EEEEWWWWW! That mouth will NOT be kissing ME tonight!

If you know my hubby you know that he often will say things to mess with your mind. IE...the kids will ask what we're having for dinner and he'll say something like "monkey brains". We've all gotten pretty used to it and often don't believe him. So when he said he was going to do this I was like 'yeah, right'. So I made him show me the grasshoppers. And this is what he showed me (beheaded...innards removed...grasshoppers).

Then he heated up oil in a fry pan and deep friend them and ate them. Here they are cooking...

He wouldn't let me take a picture of him eating them...but he did. He says they tasted like a type of fish that he'd had before. He tried to talk me into eating them and there was no way in the world that THAT was happening! I think I remember a story aboutmy Dad eating them in WWII - but that's a whole other reason (not that he was bored). Does it surprise you that one of dh's favorite shows is the one called Bizarre Foods where the guy goes to different parts of the world and eats their foods?


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Lori Barnett said...

ok......that IS NASTY!!! I'm gonna show this to my DH cause he would probably do this same thing. This is one blog entry he will be interested in reading -- nothing to do with stamping! :) LOL I would seriously puke if I had to watch someone eat this! Did you make him brush, floss, waterpick AND Scope!!! I would end it all with a peroxide rinse!! EWWWWW!!!!!