Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Pieced Chickie

I have been wanting to learn to paper piece with the quilting but have been too 'chick'en to try it on my own. But today I was beyond bored. So I went on youtube and found some tutorials. Then I found a free pattern online for this cute chick. And next...well, I just decided to go with it. The worst case scenerio is I'd waste a few scraps of fabric, right? Here's my final result:

I did make a few boo-boos. But for a first time experience I'm thrilled with it. For the real thing you are supposed to embroider the eye and the legs...I settled for a Sharpie marker. :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Trip

I spent this past weekend in Strawberry, Arizona with family and friends. It was a great time. This is the 'cabin' we stayed in. I say 'cabin' because it was really a modular home with cabin siding. I was disappointed that it wasn't a true log cabin. But the patio and view were amazing. There was a little babbling brook right underneath the patio too.

On Saturday we went into a town called 'Pine' just a few miles down the road. There we found a quilt shop and visited some antique shops. The quilt shop was housed in an OLD log cabin. Very friendly people. Very cute shop. Of course I had to buy fabric!

On Sunday we did the 'tourist' thing on the way out of town. We stopped and saw what claims to be the oldest standing school in Arizona.

And then we stopped at a National Park. We had to go DOWN into this canyon to get to the park and by the time we reached bottom my brakes were literally SMOKING. Yikes! We pull in and it's a self pay station. It's $4.00 each and we have eight ones or a twenty. So we put eight ones in and call it good. Wouldn't you know they actually tracked us down for our $4 while we were there? It probably cost him $4 to drive down and find us! He had change for the $20 and we had no problem paying to get in. So we got caught and paid. :-)

The first thing we saw were a herd of javelina. They crossed the parking lot right in front of us. There was one baby and a teenager and then a few adults. This is one of the adults.

Next we walked DOWN what felt like a zillion uneven steps (some 6 inches deep some probably closer to 2 feet) to get to a little waterfall area. My knees were shaking by the time I made it down. By the time I made it back up I had decided it was a good thing I have life insurance! LOL.

Lastly we walked around a couple trails until we found what we'd really come looking for...the natural rock bridge.

It was a great weekend. But I am glad to be back home with my boys. And I slept like a baby in my own bed last night. Always good to be home.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bunny-Zoe's Blogoversary Candy

I don't follow a lot of blogs. But I do follow this blog on a daily basis. She has been blogging for two years and is offering candy to her readers. So go check it out HERE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Toiletry Bag

A friend of mine is coming to visit. She's flying in and is only bringing a carry on so has asked to use my shampoo, etc to save space. I thought I'd surprise her with this little gift. I found the pattern on the Moda website. It's actually pretty easy (I put it together in an afternoon using the scraps from my disappearing 9 patch quilt). So my only cost involved was the fusible fleece ($1.00 ish) and the velcro (maybe .20?) It cost me more to fill it than it did for me to make it. Too much fun!

Here are a few views of the completed bag:

The strips are 1 1/2 x width of the fabric. You sew 10 of those together and cut into a rectangle. Then that one piece of fabric becomes the whole bag. These instructions didn't have you quilt it but I think I might if I do another one. I also may use slightly larger strips of fabric because all those little 1 1/2 inch pieces were a handful!

But it was fun and I like the finished product.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love This...

I was driving the other day and heard this song. It was by Matt Cannon (I think that's what they said). I've never heard the name before but love the lyrics and the idea behind them. We never know when something small that we say or do will make a HUGE impact on someone else. It might be as simple as calling to say 'hello'.

So Glad You Called

Today was gonna be the day
He´d already wrote the note
And parked that Chevrolet
At the end of that dead end road
Had his finger on the trigger
Just about to end everything
He was taking one last long breathe
When he heard his cell phone ring

And his best friend says man where've you been?
We´re headed down to the lake this weekend
You better not miss it ´cause buddy I swear
It won´t be the same if you ain't there
And i told that girl that you like so much
You were coming along and her eyes lit up
I better let you go man i really hope i didnt catch you in the middle of anything
He said you kinda did but i don´t mind at all
I´m so glad you called

In another town down the road
In the backseat of a car
Two 18 year olds had let a kiss go to far
He said how are we gonna have this child
When were both headed off to school?
He convinced her late one night there´s only one thing to do
She was scared to death in that waiting room
When the nurse asked how far along are you
She said 5 weeks and just about then her phone lit up
And his call came in
Saying baby i was wrong about everything
I´ve already bought you a diamond ring we´re gonna start a life
Would you be my wife
Boy or girl; pink or blue; yeah either way
All she could say as she felt those tear drops fall was
I´m so glad you called

If someone you know is weighing on your mind
And needs a friend on the other end of the line
Don´t hesitate what you say may seem so small
But who knows
They might be glad you called

So make the call

Yeah make that call

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little of Everything

Today's posting will have quilting, cards, AND personal ramblings. A little bit of everything! :-)

First, the quilt. This is the quilt front that I made at my last quilt retreat. I decided I should probably have it quilted before the next retreat in March so I'll have something for 'Show and Tell'. So I laid it out and measured it (54x71 inches). I was hoping for a full size quilt and thought this was big enough. But now I'm thinking I may want to add a border or two. The pictures here are taken on my queen size bed and it ALMOST covers the top of the mattress but not quite and there is no overhang. So I'm thinking of adding a thin white border and then a thicker solid color border. And finishing it with white binding and backing. Thoughts???

A little closer so you can see the fabrics/colors:

Next I wanted to share a few cards I've received. The first two are birthday cards sent from my fellow Internet stampers...Darlene from TheStampersUnite yahoo group and Melanie from Splitcoaststampers. Thank you ladies! It was really hard to get a picture of Melanie's frog card. It has some great texture and glitter but in the picture it just looks like psycho frog. Sorry about that!

Next up is a card I received from VA for a swap on our ArizonaStampers yahoo group. She made an easel card. I've never made one and am going to have to try my hand at it. It's pretty cool! Thank you for sending me such a unique card!

And lastly...I thought I'd share what Dakota and his friend were up to this afternoon. This is what is in my kitchen right now...

This should explain why I will NOT be keeping the white quilt for myself! LOL. My quilts often end up on the floor or as part of a fort.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Disappearing Nine Patch

It is slowly taking shape. This is what it is looking like if I keep the pattern I liked best from yesterday's post (the bottom one) and mixed the two different patterned blocks that I have.

Here it is a little closer up so you can see the fabrics.

In my mind, I was trying to make it so the solid fabrics would be in the center square of the original 9 patch (and thus would be the smaller squares on this after it was cut up). But somehow I messed it up both times and ended up with the opposite. But it's ok...I still like it. It's a little softer this way and maybe that's ok. Right now I have enough fabric to do 32 blocks (each block approx 12 inches). I'm making this for my bed eventually. So that'll be a queen size. So...either I'm doing 4x6 and adding several borders...or I'm buying more fabric and making more squares. I guess either way I have to buy more fabric. I wouldn't mind doing a border...but I think it'd have to be a huge border on the 4x6. So I'll probably go to a 6x8 (would need to buy another 3/4 of a yard of each fabric) and then add a smaller border. They had a pink fabric that matched the pink in the floral pattern that I might use. many choices!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss You Monkey and Split 9 Patch

I absolutely love this Stampendous stamp. It's so playful! This card is perfect for a friend or family member (who doesn't have a brother or someone in their life that this would work for?).

And on the quilting front...I am making progress with my nine patch squares. The bad thing is I'm about sick of it already and have a long way to go. I love the end result of quilting...but I don't know how people have the patience for this! And I'm only doing simple quilts! is the basic nine patch and then a few versions of how it can look like after you split it and put it back together.

I like how this looks but it'd need sashing between blocks...think I'll pass on that. Also, I'm trying to go for a more random look.

I think this last one is my favorite...

I did my nine patches with two different color patterns so I'll need to mix them up a bit. I'll have to play with it a bit to figure that out. But it's slowing coming together. I'm really happy that my blocks are pretty darn square...which means both my cutting and sewing are getting better!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Celebration Frog

I love this stamp! It's just fun to look at.

I made a few of these to send to my old coworkers to invite them out for happy hour in honor of my upcoming big FOUR OH. Yikes! LOL.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy Week

So far this week I've made several cards and several 9 patch quilt blocks. So...hmmm what should I share with you today? Let's start with a card. This is one of the cards I made today.

This card went through a 'rough draft' first. Originally I cut him out with the oval nestability and added a scallop oval as a border...but then the panel seemed too big and I just didn't like the way it looked. So I scaled it back and did a basic straight cut and layer. I like it much better this way! The word (Celebrate) is from a Hero Arts set. The hat is really red but in the picture it almost looks orange.

And this is the first of my group of 9 patches. I bought 1 1/2 yards each of four fabrics. I chose the first two and cut the 1 1/2 yards in half so it wasn't as much fabric to work with. I'm not an expert at cutting and find that too much fabric makes me crazy. So I cut it into a portion I could handle. After cutting it into 3/4's of a yard I then cut each 3/4's of a yard into 5 inch strips. I sewed three strips together (floral, solid, floral) and then another three strips together (solid, floral, solid). Then I cut these strips every 5 inches so I had one five inch strip of floral solid floral (and the same with the other strip). Then I sewed these units together to make the nine patch.

The next thing I will do is actually cut the nine patch unit into quarters. Rotate the quarters and sew them back together. I'll show that when I get to it. I haven't quite decided if I want to do all the 9 patches first and then start cutting and rearranging or what. I think I might be better off doing that. And I still have a lot of nine patches to go! So it might be awhile.

I will say that I'm pretty darn happy with the results thus far. I can tell you that both my cutting and sewing have gotten consistently better. Even between the last quilt and this quilt there is a huge difference. So I'm happy!

Have a great day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Fabric!

Yesterday I went shopping for fabric. I have been wanting to try a disappearing 9 patch. Basically it is a 9 patch that you then cut into quarters and reassemble for a scrappy look. I have yet to make a quilt that is for this one will be for me. In blues and yellows. These are the four fabrics I chose.

And then because most of the fabrics were on sale 50% I decided to try another new project...pillowcases. So I bought these three fabrics to do pillowcases for the boys. I'm sure they'll love them!

Once I get started sewing I'll share a couple of disappearing 9 patches with you!