Sunday, February 7, 2010

Disappearing Nine Patch

It is slowly taking shape. This is what it is looking like if I keep the pattern I liked best from yesterday's post (the bottom one) and mixed the two different patterned blocks that I have.

Here it is a little closer up so you can see the fabrics.

In my mind, I was trying to make it so the solid fabrics would be in the center square of the original 9 patch (and thus would be the smaller squares on this after it was cut up). But somehow I messed it up both times and ended up with the opposite. But it's ok...I still like it. It's a little softer this way and maybe that's ok. Right now I have enough fabric to do 32 blocks (each block approx 12 inches). I'm making this for my bed eventually. So that'll be a queen size. So...either I'm doing 4x6 and adding several borders...or I'm buying more fabric and making more squares. I guess either way I have to buy more fabric. I wouldn't mind doing a border...but I think it'd have to be a huge border on the 4x6. So I'll probably go to a 6x8 (would need to buy another 3/4 of a yard of each fabric) and then add a smaller border. They had a pink fabric that matched the pink in the floral pattern that I might use. many choices!


StampnInkLady said...

It is coming along beautifully Jane! I love going through the whole process with you! TFS! Hugs Lori

Kathleen said...

The fabrics for this quilt are so very pretty.