Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss You Monkey and Split 9 Patch

I absolutely love this Stampendous stamp. It's so playful! This card is perfect for a friend or family member (who doesn't have a brother or someone in their life that this would work for?).

And on the quilting front...I am making progress with my nine patch squares. The bad thing is I'm about sick of it already and have a long way to go. I love the end result of quilting...but I don't know how people have the patience for this! And I'm only doing simple quilts! is the basic nine patch and then a few versions of how it can look like after you split it and put it back together.

I like how this looks but it'd need sashing between blocks...think I'll pass on that. Also, I'm trying to go for a more random look.

I think this last one is my favorite...

I did my nine patches with two different color patterns so I'll need to mix them up a bit. I'll have to play with it a bit to figure that out. But it's slowing coming together. I'm really happy that my blocks are pretty darn square...which means both my cutting and sewing are getting better!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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StampnInkLady said...

Your card is so cute! I love the way your quilt is coming along! It is amazing the different ways to put it together. It would be hard to choose the best design, but I think I like the second picture with the small & large blue squares best! Beautiful work Jane! Hugs Lori