Sunday, September 30, 2007

Merry Christmas Chick!

Last night I was on a roll...made 5 cards in about 2 hours time. That's a record for me. I'll usually spend a couple hours per card - because it has to be just SO. I'm such a perfectionist and sometimes that's a deteriment to accomplishing anything in a reasonable amount of time. Anyhooo...I'd caught a long nap yesterday afternoon so by 10:00 everyone else was asleep and I sat down to stamp. And now, I have enough goodies to share something new everyday this week! So ya'll come back and visit now, ya hear? (Remember The Beverly Hillbillies?)

This is my favorite card, so I'm sharing it first. The chick stamp is from Stampendous. I colored him with my prismacolor pencils.

Here's a close up of the chick. As you can see, I used liquid glass on the ornament to make it shine and I used liquid applique to his hat to make it fluff up. I also used the Amuse skinny oval under the chick to ground him a bit.

Isn't it adorable? I got this chick on clearance after the holidays last year. So will need to use him a bit this year.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Stamps and Update on DT Project

Happy Saturday! I didn't get around to posting yesterday...sorry. Long crazy day. I did stop by the local scrapbook store and handed in my Design Team (DT) project. The manager wasn't there but the two ladies working the front oohed and ahhed over it. They said they only had one scrapbook page so far, several cards, but mine was the first altered set like that. So hopefully that's a good thing. I also picked up an application to teach there. I figure if I can teach a couple times a month it'd help support my habit and I think it'd be fun too.

Today I'm headed off to a Stampin' Up workshop where we'll be making 3x3 cards. I never USE 3x3 cards but the workshop is being hosted by a friend and I thought it was a good way to support her plus get to spend some time out of the house doing something I enjoy with a friend. That alone is worth the $10 class fee. ;-)

I also wanted to share my new stamps. I joined a yahoo group that is just for selling/trading stamps. That's where I found these.

I LOVE the one of the woman getting ready to shoot the scale. I can SO relate! LOL.

That's all I'm posting for now. It's not even 8:00 on a Saturday morning and I'm awake but still exhausted. My oldest son went to a sleepover last night so my youngest son wanted to sleep with us. Two adults, a 7 year old, and a dog in a queen size bed. I spent the night trying to hold onto my edge of the bed. Finally gave up and got up early. Sigh. Oh well, quiet time to stamp!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Whole Kit-n-Caboodle - My Design Team Project

Well, it is ALL done and ready to hand in. I was planning on stopping by after work today and turning it in...but ended up working late. Tomorrow is the deadline so I'll have to make sure I get it done tomorrow. I'm sorry the pictures are a little I could get...a photographer I'm not! ;-) Although usually I do better than this!

Wish me luck!


Altered Candle and Candy Sleeve

These are the last two items for my Design Team application. I'm handing it in the wish me luck! I'll take some pictures of it in the container and post tomorrow. I took some last night but they came out crappy due to lighting. Hopefully I can get a better picture today.

I just wrapped the candle in the two layers of paper and attached with sticky tape. Then I cut a smaller strip of the purple and ran it through the crimper and wrapped that around. Lastly I used my hole piercer and poked holes through all the layers and slightly into the candles and then just pushed all the mini brads in. I figured that way it'd help it all stick together and would be flatter against the candle than if I actually attached the brads to the paper layer first and then attached the paper to the candle.

The other item is one of the items that we were give to do "something" with. My original thought when I saw them (and if I were doing a scrapbook page) would have been for hidden journaling. But no need to journal in the basket! So, instead I made it into a candy slider. I just inked it up with purple ink to match the rest of the items...bought a Peppermint Patty that fit almost perfectly...wrapped ribbon around the candy and then slid the candy into the sleeve. Now if you pull where the tab tells you to...the candy will appear.

Well, gotta get the move on. At least it's getting close to the weekend. I have Weight Watchers tonight and fully expect to have a gain. Between TOM and just feeling sad I've eaten more than I should have this week plus I'm retaining water. But tomorrow is Friday...and I have new stuff from my secret pal AND new (used) stamps I bought to play with over the weekend!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Altered Bath Items

This is the next couple of items for my girlfriend basket. Unfortunately...there were no nice and easy bath items at the $1 store. All were funky shaped. So I used lots of red sticky tape to make sure it stays put. Hopefully it will.

Once again, the funky stuff (cicle, green swirl thing, and heart on the body butter) are items from the bag that I received when applying for the Design Team.

Here's a close up of the top of the body butter jar. It's probably my favorite part of this grouping.

LOOK at that perfect bow! Ok...I know, I'm easily amused...but if you knew how hard it is for me to tie bows that look decent you'd appreciate it more! LOL.

Tomorrow I'll share the candle and the candy and then on Friday I'll share the whole kit-n-caboodle (including the container that I haven't finished yet). I have to turn it in by Friday and I have WW Thursday night. So time is running out on me.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007 personal ramblings

Today was a decent day at work - but it seemed to go on forever. Then I headed home and was actually making good time. I stopped to get gas and noticed a screw in my back tire...way out near the edge. So I had to stop at the place where I bought the tires. Sure was leaking and wasn't fixable so had to be replaced. Luckily I'd bought the warranty so it cost me under $20 for a new tire. But by the time I got home it was almost 7:30. (And I'd left at 7:00a.m.) These long days really suck twinkies (as my brother would say).

Then I check the mail and I have a letter from my previous employer re: the internal sexual discrimination investigation. I don't know why it surprises me...but they once again sided with the bastard. If you know me at all, you know I don't use that kind of language. But there is no other word to use. He made my life an absolute hell for six months. I still cry today when I think about it. And once again the powers that be let him off. I love the little note at the end about how they forbid retaliation...yeah, right. That's why it's ok that he fired me less than a week after I filed the paperwork. What a joke.

I'll share some more of the items for the Design Team tomorrow. Not in the mood tonight.


An Altered Comp Book and a Dream

I have a dream (are you hearing Martin Luther King's voice over here?) In my fantasy land...I'm aboard THIS cruise next October. How much fun would that be? Stamping...the Carribean...what more could a girl ask for? My hubby could even come along (neither of us has ever been on a cruise). We could do the ports together...not all my time would be spent stamping! I can envision it now...all the ladies in the ballroom stamping and all the men outside talking about their crazy wives and their obsession with rubber stamps! It's not IMPOSSIBLE that it'll happen but improbable. Right now with me just starting to work (after being out of work for two months) we have almost used all of our savings just on surviving. I'll be making enough to pay the bills but not enough to sock away much extra. But at some point I will inherit some property from my Dad and if I resell it...then the cruise might be a possibility. All these ladies that are hosting the cruise are from the SplitcoastStampers site I go to...and they've all started their own successful stamp companies. Gina K is the one who has the crab stamps that I just ADORE.

Anyways, I need to get to work this morning (7 minutes and counting down) so I better hurry up and post my picture of the altered comp book. This is the mini size and it's to go with my photo frame shown in the post below. Last night I made 4 more items for the Design Team application so I should have that ready soon to share!

The huge white {}'s and the green arrow were part of the Design Team packet that they wanted you to use. The title I printed on the computer. It didn't print as well as I'd like it to have though on the textured white cardstock. Last night I also altered some bath items, a candle, and some will share those later this week.

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Altered Picture Frame Tutorial

I decided on my first couple of items for the Design Team application. And the first is an altered picture frame. I grabbed my camera and took pictures along the way so I could share how to do it with all of you.

So...step one...go to Michael's and get a picture frame to alter. This one I got on sale for $1 a few weeks back.

Next, I'm going to use my frame as a template to cut the paper that I'll be adhering to the front. So I turned my paper upside down (so the pencil marks would be on the back and wouldn't show) and then traced closely around both the outside and the inside of the picture frame.

Next, I'm going to paint the sides and back of the frame with acrylic paint that will coordinate with my papers. It's better to do a couple thin coats instead of a heavy coat. Also...think about where your paper is going to lay and what areas are going to show. After initially doing just the sides and back...I laid my paper on the front and decided I wanted a border of the paint I went back and added a little paint to the edges. I also noticed the inner part of the frame was going to need to be painted. So I went back and painted that as well.

Then, lastly I adhered the paper to the front of the frame and embellished. (Basically think of it as a card front...any holes that need to be punched for faux stitching or brads or eyelets, etc should be done BEFORE adhering your paper to the frame.) Once everything is in place then adhere. I used sticky tape on this one because of the dimension. I've also used modge podge on others that were just paper (no dimension) and then modge podged over the top to seal. So that's your choice.

Here is the finished frame:

The large circle at the top of the frame is one of the items included in the Designer's Packet that we had to's actually a huge acrylic button! I thought it'd be a perfect embellishment for the frame. The flower in the center of that is another item included in the packet. None of these items (including their choice of colors or papers) would normally be my "style" but it was kind of fun to think outside the box. And I really like how it turned out. The poem is printed on white cardstock and then I used Autumn Leaves flourishes to faintly stamp onto the poem. I really like how it turned out...I hope they do to!

I'm going to make a few more plan is kind of a "cheer up" gift set for a friend. So tomorrow I'll stop by the $1 store and look for some cheap bath stuff and a candle to decorate...and of course CHOCOLATE and then I'll need to decide how to package it all up. Going to be a busy week, eh? Silly people actually expect me to WORK! ;-)


Another Halloween Card

I can't seem to quit making halloween cards this year.

This uses two new stamps that I picked up (from the $1 section at Michael's). I created the card for the Limited Supply Challenge on Splitcoaststampers. The LSC80 states that you can use one main image stamp and one greeting stamp....but NO background stamps or any other stamps.

I did a little creative matting on this by cutting out areas of the image so the black mat shows through. I think it added just the little bit that it needed. I love the "The Witch Is In" stamp. I'm thinking I could be silly and use this all year round when I'm feeling witchy. Or you could cross out the W and replace with another letter just to be a smartie. ;-)

Without further's the card!

Have a great Sunday.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wow! Published again!

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to celebrate my first paycheck by stopping at Michael's and buying some new stuff? Well, I stopped by and picked up another handful of prismacolor pencils (25% off on sale) and a pack of card/envelopes (that was on sale for 40% off) and then decided to use my 50% off coupon on a new magazine. I didn't have the new Stamper's Sampler Take Ten so that's what I chose to get.

Then I came home and started flipping through it. Then I came upon this page...see anything unusual???

See the bottom right picture? That's MY card!

This is the 2nd time that Stamper's Sampler has failed to notify me that one of my cards had been published. You don't get paid anything for being published - but you get a coupon for a free issue (of regular issues) or on any special issues they send you the actual issue (for example this Take Ten Issue was $14.95 vs. the regular issues which run around $ they should have mailed me a copy).

Regardless, I'm happy to be published again and to share it with all of you. I'll contact them and see if I can get it credited for some regular issues or a free issue of the next Take Ten since I already paid for this one. If they insist on sending me another one I can always use it as a gift for one of my many secret pal swaps.

I did make a card last night...but I'll wait and share it later. Have a great Saturday!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Friday! And a gift bag to share!

Good morning all! I'm so happy it's I can stay home and stamp all weekend! LOL. Actually today is my first payday and I plan on celebrating after work by stopping at Michael's and/or Joann's. Or maybe I'll go over to and pick up a couple new Gina K Design stamps...I love the new "Sandy Claws" one she has for Christmas! They were just released today!

And I definately have to get to work this weekend on my Design Team submission (once I decide WHAT I'm designing! LOL!) I did find out I can use other items that would normally be in the store (so using things like ribbon and mini brads for embellishments would be fine).

Today I have an Excel training class for the morning. Am actually looking forward to it. I enjoy training and learning...just hope it isn't boring. I haven't used Excel in 10 years so I'm hoping there'll be new stuff to learn.

Anyhoooo...remember the candle with matching card that I've shared this week? Well, this is the little gift bag I made for it to go in.

Front View:

Side View:

I'll work on more stuff this weekend so I have plenty to share next week! In the meantime...have a happy, happy Friday!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Halloween!?!

This card uses new $1 stamps that I found at Michael's last week. Aren't they adorable? I picked up maybe 8 new halloween/fall stamps...the bin was COMPLETELY full and this was the new I dug through all of them and made sure I got my fill of them! I even picked out a few for other people. At $1 each I can afford to do that! LOL! My guess is that there were probably 15 new stamp designs for the fall/halloween season? Since I'm running out of space for my single stamps I decided to be picky. That's why I came home with ONLY 8 (ha!)

Here's a close up of just the card:

And here's the card and the envelope I stamped to go with it:

The idea for the layout of this card was another sketch I found online. But the sketch was for a standard size card and my three circles wouldn't fit on a standard size card. So, I modified the sketch to fit a tall card and I made the tall card the right size to fit in a business size envelope.

I stamped the three spiders on white cardstock and used a medium sized circle punch to punch them out. (Tip for newbie punch users: flip the punch upside down so you can see what you are punching out and center it better.) Then I used a large circle punch to cut a contrasting circle to mat it. The rest is pretty simple layering.

I've made more halloween cards this year than ever before. I'm not sure why I'm in this mode right now...but I am! So I'm going with the flow till my next 'fancy' strikes me.

Have a wonderful day!


Smelling Like a Rose

This card is BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself! ;-) I got the sketch online somewhere (I just searched on 'card sketches' and then when I found one I drew it out in miniature form). I drew maybe 6 sketches that I found and then chose which one to use later.

Anyways, this card was made to go with the altered tin in the previous post.

It uses the same stamp set (Roses In Winter) and it uses the Autumn color palette from CTMH for inks/papers. It also uses a couple background stamps from SU...the Linen one and also the diamond check one (can't think of the name...too early in the morning LOL!). For that little piece I sanded the paper (CTMH has white core paper so sanding it removes some of the brightness of the paper) and then I stamped on it. Edges of most of the papers are distressed as well (drug with a pair of scissors). And there is lots of sponging and faux stitching. The sentiment is from CTMH.

K...gotta run off to work. If you aren't working today...then go PLAY! ;-)


Monday, September 17, 2007

Altered Candle Tin

This weekend one of my new coworkers had a birthday. I wanted to make her a little something but didn't know enough about her to personalize it too much. So this is what I came up with.

Side View:

Top View:

I had picked up the candle at the thrift store. Brand new. Removed the sticker wrapper and then I wrapped the decorative paper around it instead. Tied with ribbon (and the tag). For the top I used my coluzzle and 2 sizes of circles. I did faux stitching. And the stamps used are all SU I believe. Roses in Winter (for the rose), So Very (word Sweet), and Canvas background. Inks and papers are CTMH.

I ended up making several cards over the well as a card and giftbag that goes with this lots more to share this week! Stay tuned for more artwork!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone! It's a bright and shining day here. Probably actually HOT if I went outside...but I'm staying inside today! LOL!

I'm trying to decided what to create for my Design Team application. I would like to do something that is a little different than a basic layout. Maybe a scrapbook in a box? Or one layout and a few altered items? I can't decide and I'm afraid to cut into the paper! Maybe I'll sneak back by the store and try to find the same papers just so I'll have some to cut into and try different things with before I settle on something. I also sent and email with some questions (like can I add some items that I know they carry in the store but aren't in the packet). I'll want to add some ribbon if I'm altering things...and I'll need to make a title for the page somehow.

I don't think I posted a picture yet of my Secret Pal package for this month. So here were my goodies! Lots of paper flowers, some chipboard, a filing kit (I think this is used to file/sand the edges of the chipboard after you add paper to them?), and a few other goodies. My SS is very good at spoiling me and WAY better at getting these packages out in the mail than I am. I'm always late it seems. But I always come through.

Ok...and on to some artwork to share:

I created these pages at Scrap Camp over the summer. They are of my son Dakota's 6th birthday party. He's 7 now...shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I'm a year behind...ok? view it larger just click on the photo!

Page 1:

Page 2:

These were taken at a place called Justin's Water World that's been around forever. It's an old fashioned water park. Unfortunately, this past summer they closed it down for good. Dakota wanted to have his 7th birthday there and was so bummed that he couldn't. Glad I have lots of pics!

Have a happy Sunday!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calendar: April

I promise...I'll work on something this weekend to share that is different from the calendar. But since I worked all week I didn't have any chance to create much new. I did create one card on Thursday night. But mainly, between a new job, and a major cold...I just came home and collapsed. ;-)

The new job is going well (at least I think). I really like all the people and everyone seems quite friendly and welcoming. That makes a huge difference. I think I'm going to like it there. What we do is basically serve as a 'go between' from mental health providers and the State. We take in all of the provider them through various programs to check for any errors (and other things) and then we send that information on to the State. This week I've been learning the "inbounding" process (of claims coming in and doing what I just said). I wrote up documentation for myself on Friday and came up with about 12 steps! That's a lot of stuff to remember and you have to be careful that you are always getting the right file, for the right provider, for the right fiscal year. But this is my first task that I'll be taking over. Then I'll learn 'outbounding'. And then probably 'voids'. Eventually, once I know the data and the process more then I'll be able to help with testing of processes and do some more detailed work.

Anyways, on to the calendar. I'm not sure I like how this particular month turned out. And the pictures don't do it justice. The cardstock is really a dark denim blue color.

Full page:

Close Up:

A local scrapbook store called Crafts 5th Avenue is accepting applications for teachers and/or their Design Team. So I stopped by yesterday and picked up a packet. For the Design Team they gave me a bag with a few supplies (2 solid colored cardstocks, 2 printed papers, white cardstock, and a few other things (metal rimmed and regular tags) and I'm supposed to create whatever I want with it. So, that's something I'll be doing and posting pictures of here in the near future.

Anyways, have a GREAT weekend!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Calendar: March

March was harder for me. The only real holiday is St. Patrick's Day and I didn't have any stamps for it (and I don't celebrate it) so I decided to go for a general spring theme. I (of course) had to use my cute little SU Unfrogettable set!

Full month view:

Close Up:

I had to do a little bit of masking with these. I stamped the frog first...then placed a mask over him and stamped the mushroom under him...then I used a black fine tip pen and added in some more grass to cover the width of the paper (it normally only has grass under the mushroom).

I'm working on multiples of these calendars as Christmas presents. So you are only seeing one little 3x3 stamped piece...but I'm really doing several of them. So don't think I'm slacking off on you! LOL!


Calendar: February

Have to keep this short so I can attempt to make it to work on time. No matter which route I take an hour doesn't seem to cut it. Sigh.

Here is the month of February. I decided not to do completely traditional valentines...but the color seems to lean it that way. All stamps are from CTMH on this sample except for the oval under the bear.

Picture from distance:

Picture from close up:

Isn't that bear a cutie? He's from the Best Ways Bear set from CTMH. The oval under the bear is from Amuse. I use their ovals to ground my images sometimes so they aren't floating around in mid-air on a piece of paper.

Gotta run! Have a great Thursday! Friday is ALMOST here!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Calendar: January

These are some of the presents I'm working on. I got the calendars at They were only $5 (considerably less than I've seen anywhere else). The topper is 3x3 in size.

Here is January:

And here is the topper close up:

All stamps are from SU. All cardstocks/inks are from CTMH.

Gotta run...have a great day!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cards and Critters...oh my!

I'm a mom of two boys and I'm also the only girl in my family (with three older brothers). So, I've certainly had my share of "critters" in my life. Somehow boys and critters go 'hand in hand' (quite literally!). I think that may have to eventually become my scrapbook page title...but in the meantime the photos will have to do.

This is Mario - he's 10 years old. I can't believe how big he is getting! Mario was a 'micro-preemie' weighing in at just 1 pound 9 ounces. I like this photo of him holding a baby desert tortoise because I know how big that tortoise will someday become and it reminds me of where my son has come from and how much more he will still grow.

And this is Dakota - he's 7 years old. He is definately ALL boy - for his pets he has FOUR fire-bellied toads and this garter snake. He also loves to catch bugs and lizards (and is very good at it!)

Ok...and on to the DECK OF CARDS! Are you curious yet? I mean, really REALLY curious? Maybe this will quelch your curiousity!

My intention is to scrap 52 different things about me. The could be simple things (like favorite animal, color, quote, etc) or they may be juicier (like embarrassing moments). So you'll have to keep an eye out for new additions! You wouldn't want to miss the juicy ones!

Here's the first one I made...a nice simple topic!

All my life, my favorite animal has been the Panda Bear. No real reason - just because! I was a little disappointed when I went to the San Diego Zoo this summer for the first time and saw one in person. Boy, they don't DO much but lie there! But they are cute and I guess they are still my favorite animal! LOL.

Tomorrow I'll be starting to share some Christmas gift pictures. It won't be till evening (after I get home from my first day of work at the new job). So stay tuned!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Both Way Blossums

I found a card sketch on a blog the other day and had to try it out. And what better way to try it out than a NEW stamp set? This set is called Both Way Blossums and is from Stampin Up. It is a retired Level 3 hostess set. I was able to pick it up on the B/S/T forum over on SCS.

Anyhow...without further's the card!

I've started working on some of my Christmas presents. Will be sharing some pics of well as pics of what I'm doing with the deck of cards here in the near future. So keep coming back!


Friday, September 7, 2007

A sneak (halloween) peek!

Good morning everyone! I can't believe it's Friday already! I have so many things I want to accomplish before I go back to work on Monday. Today I'm going grocery shopping. I also have a couple packages I needed to mail but when I went to my PO yesterday they were out of the smaller priority boxes. So I'll have to try another PO today while I'm out and about.

I've been working on some halloween goodies so I thought I'd share a sneak peek with you. Here is a "fruit can". It's a poptop can. You cut the bottom off with a safety can opener. Empty and clean it. Then fill with candy and reseal with glue. Decorate and give away to someone who will wonder how the heck you got the candy in there!

This uses the rollograph wheel that I got at Clear Dollar Stamps (

The next thing I altered was a little tin that I bought in the Joann's $1 section. I think it came out really cute!

Have a great Friday...and welcome to the weekend! LOL.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

My first Bella...

Have you heard of Bella stamps? They are all the rage it seems. Bellas and Fellas. You can check them out here. I think some of the images are really cute, but I didn't want to buy any more stamps! So, what's a girl to do? She joins the RAK group's WISH RAK. What's that mean? It means everyone starts with three wishes. Then you can grant other peoples wishes for images. Whenever you fulfill someone elses wish...then you earn a bonus wish. The more bonus wishes...the more items you, in turn, can ask for. Anyhoooo...this bella image came from the RAK wish group. Ain's she adorable?

The background is embossed with a cuttlebug plate and the saying is from a SU set. I colored with my prisma pencils. I think it came out nice.

I'm also working on a new project that uses THESE...

...any idea what it MIGHT be? Well you'll have to keep coming back to visit to find out! I'm saving up ideas so when I go back to work on Monday I'll still be able to post almost every day with something new!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cheerful doggie card!

I found this stamp at a local stamp store that was going out of business. I just love his simplicity and his happiness that shines through. AND I'm VERY proud of my bow on the right hand side (considering I can't tie a bow to save my life!)

The paw prints on the brown are a wheel from SU. The oval under the dog is from Amuse (just used it so my doggie wasn't floating in space) I "grounded" him. LOL! The greeting is another single stamp and I'm too lazy to get up and find out who makes it.

Today I was finally able to pick up my last day's pay from my previous job. I start my new job on Monday.

I have more stuff to share over the next couple stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I now offer a "subscription" service!

Ok..I've been hounded to add a Feedblitz newsletter link to my blog so people can be notified when I've done updates. So...after dragging my feet I've finally also joined not only the blogging world...but the blogging subscription world! ;-) If you'd like notification of when I update my blog you can sign up on the right where it says "feedblitz".

If you have any problems let me know. I'm not 100% sure I set it up correctly.


I'm Bananas Over You

This is the surprise pop-up slider card I made with the image from yesterday. For complete details/instructions go HERE to view a tutorial by Beate.

My yellow background is stamped tone on tone with bananas from SU's Monkey Business set (hard to see in the picture). The monkey is from Stampendous's Changito monkey line. And the saying is created with Karen Foster Snap Stamps.

Here is the card CLOSED:

Then you pull the slider out (from the top where the ribbon is) and the slider pops up.

Here is the card OPEN:

And then I wanted to show you exactly what a Karen Foster Snap Stamp is (in case you haven't got these yet). It's rumored that they aren't being carried any if you see them...grab them! I'm hoping they aren't really discontinuing them but maybe remaking them "new and improved" or something. But I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I'm glad I have MY Karen Foster snap stamps! LOL!

Today I call and accept my new job offer. I'm excited and nervous. I don't like changes. But I'll be ok...and if I could do the last place...then this place should be a piece of cake. I'm sure there will be less politics, more help, and more friendly people. And it isn't a whole new world to me...I'm familiar with healthcare data.

Enjoy the rest of a short work week! I have another card but am saving it to post tomorrow. So come back and see me!


Monday, September 3, 2007

Note: My WW blog is up!

My new blog is I've added a place to the right to list weight loss blogs. Right now mine is the only one listed there. I'm sure I will add more. But for now you can click on it to check it out. Nothing too exciting yet though.


Is it worth the money???

For the last several years I've been hearing about the prismacolor pencils (just regular ones...not watercolor). Everyone RAVES about these pencils. And if you use them with gamasol (or oderless mineral spirits or baby oil) then you can blend them so it looks more like watercolor. I already owned some colored pencils that I bought at Michael's in the scrapbooking section. I believe they are the ONLY packages of pencils in the scrapbooking section. And I've been using my pencils with oderless mineral spirits. They blend a bit but are hard to bend and I haven't been thrilled with my coloring. This week...the prismacolor pencils were 25% off at Michael's (including open stock pencils). So I bought 5 individual pencils to try out. They were $1.49 I paid $1.25 each for them after the sale price. And here is my comparison to share with you.

First I stamped my main image twice and laid out my supplies. The regular pencils are on the left...the prismas are on the right.

Next I laid down a layer of color around the edges of the images. I noticed that the prismas went on SO much easier (didn't feel like I was having to push hard to get the color I wanted).

Then I used a blending stump and the mineral spirits to pull color in towards the center of the image. The prisma blended really easily and I discovered, if anything, that I'd layed down TOO much color because it pulls so easily. I'll have to note that for the next time. Here are the two finished images. I think either works...but the prisma one is definately more vibrant and was so much easier to do. With the regular pencils I had to push on the stump really hard when blending.

And then I choose my favorite image and made a pop-up slider card with it! Check back tomorrow to view the card! (Yep, I'm a tease!)

You can buy the primacolor pencils in all sorts of combinations. You can buy them singly, in sets of 24, 48, and 100+. I do think I'll ask Santa for set of the 100+ ones. You can get them on ebay for around $50-60 (obviously they are more at Michael's...I'm not sure how the price compares with a 40% off coupon...will have to check that out!)

Today is a holiday...enjoy and go PLAY!