Sunday, September 23, 2007

Altered Picture Frame Tutorial

I decided on my first couple of items for the Design Team application. And the first is an altered picture frame. I grabbed my camera and took pictures along the way so I could share how to do it with all of you.

So...step one...go to Michael's and get a picture frame to alter. This one I got on sale for $1 a few weeks back.

Next, I'm going to use my frame as a template to cut the paper that I'll be adhering to the front. So I turned my paper upside down (so the pencil marks would be on the back and wouldn't show) and then traced closely around both the outside and the inside of the picture frame.

Next, I'm going to paint the sides and back of the frame with acrylic paint that will coordinate with my papers. It's better to do a couple thin coats instead of a heavy coat. Also...think about where your paper is going to lay and what areas are going to show. After initially doing just the sides and back...I laid my paper on the front and decided I wanted a border of the paint I went back and added a little paint to the edges. I also noticed the inner part of the frame was going to need to be painted. So I went back and painted that as well.

Then, lastly I adhered the paper to the front of the frame and embellished. (Basically think of it as a card front...any holes that need to be punched for faux stitching or brads or eyelets, etc should be done BEFORE adhering your paper to the frame.) Once everything is in place then adhere. I used sticky tape on this one because of the dimension. I've also used modge podge on others that were just paper (no dimension) and then modge podged over the top to seal. So that's your choice.

Here is the finished frame:

The large circle at the top of the frame is one of the items included in the Designer's Packet that we had to's actually a huge acrylic button! I thought it'd be a perfect embellishment for the frame. The flower in the center of that is another item included in the packet. None of these items (including their choice of colors or papers) would normally be my "style" but it was kind of fun to think outside the box. And I really like how it turned out. The poem is printed on white cardstock and then I used Autumn Leaves flourishes to faintly stamp onto the poem. I really like how it turned out...I hope they do to!

I'm going to make a few more plan is kind of a "cheer up" gift set for a friend. So tomorrow I'll stop by the $1 store and look for some cheap bath stuff and a candle to decorate...and of course CHOCOLATE and then I'll need to decide how to package it all up. Going to be a busy week, eh? Silly people actually expect me to WORK! ;-)



RAE said...

The frame looks great! Love the colors!

mimihas5 said...

Jane, your frame is beautiful. I hope you make the design team. :)


Lisa C. said...

love the tutorial and love you use of very odd embelishments, looks superb!!

Rose Ann said...

Your frame turned out so pretty!! Thanks for a great tutorial!

Patter Cross said...

Oh wow, that is beautiful! Love it!