Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Altered Comp Book and a Dream

I have a dream (are you hearing Martin Luther King's voice over here?) In my fantasy land...I'm aboard THIS cruise next October. How much fun would that be? Stamping...the Carribean...what more could a girl ask for? My hubby could even come along (neither of us has ever been on a cruise). We could do the ports together...not all my time would be spent stamping! I can envision it now...all the ladies in the ballroom stamping and all the men outside talking about their crazy wives and their obsession with rubber stamps! It's not IMPOSSIBLE that it'll happen but improbable. Right now with me just starting to work (after being out of work for two months) we have almost used all of our savings just on surviving. I'll be making enough to pay the bills but not enough to sock away much extra. But at some point I will inherit some property from my Dad and if I resell it...then the cruise might be a possibility. All these ladies that are hosting the cruise are from the SplitcoastStampers site I go to...and they've all started their own successful stamp companies. Gina K is the one who has the crab stamps that I just ADORE.

Anyways, I need to get to work this morning (7 minutes and counting down) so I better hurry up and post my picture of the altered comp book. This is the mini size and it's to go with my photo frame shown in the post below. Last night I made 4 more items for the Design Team application so I should have that ready soon to share!

The huge white {}'s and the green arrow were part of the Design Team packet that they wanted you to use. The title I printed on the computer. It didn't print as well as I'd like it to have though on the textured white cardstock. Last night I also altered some bath items, a candle, and some chocolate...so will share those later this week.

Have a great day!



Lauren said...

I want to go on the cruise too. We can dream right?

Rose Ann said...

This turned out beautifully!! Good luck with this team!!

I want to go on the cruise as well, but it's not going to work out for me.