Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calendar: April

I promise...I'll work on something this weekend to share that is different from the calendar. But since I worked all week I didn't have any chance to create much new. I did create one card on Thursday night. But mainly, between a new job, and a major cold...I just came home and collapsed. ;-)

The new job is going well (at least I think). I really like all the people and everyone seems quite friendly and welcoming. That makes a huge difference. I think I'm going to like it there. What we do is basically serve as a 'go between' from mental health providers and the State. We take in all of the provider them through various programs to check for any errors (and other things) and then we send that information on to the State. This week I've been learning the "inbounding" process (of claims coming in and doing what I just said). I wrote up documentation for myself on Friday and came up with about 12 steps! That's a lot of stuff to remember and you have to be careful that you are always getting the right file, for the right provider, for the right fiscal year. But this is my first task that I'll be taking over. Then I'll learn 'outbounding'. And then probably 'voids'. Eventually, once I know the data and the process more then I'll be able to help with testing of processes and do some more detailed work.

Anyways, on to the calendar. I'm not sure I like how this particular month turned out. And the pictures don't do it justice. The cardstock is really a dark denim blue color.

Full page:

Close Up:

A local scrapbook store called Crafts 5th Avenue is accepting applications for teachers and/or their Design Team. So I stopped by yesterday and picked up a packet. For the Design Team they gave me a bag with a few supplies (2 solid colored cardstocks, 2 printed papers, white cardstock, and a few other things (metal rimmed and regular tags) and I'm supposed to create whatever I want with it. So, that's something I'll be doing and posting pictures of here in the near future.

Anyways, have a GREAT weekend!


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