Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone! It's a bright and shining day here. Probably actually HOT if I went outside...but I'm staying inside today! LOL!

I'm trying to decided what to create for my Design Team application. I would like to do something that is a little different than a basic layout. Maybe a scrapbook in a box? Or one layout and a few altered items? I can't decide and I'm afraid to cut into the paper! Maybe I'll sneak back by the store and try to find the same papers just so I'll have some to cut into and try different things with before I settle on something. I also sent and email with some questions (like can I add some items that I know they carry in the store but aren't in the packet). I'll want to add some ribbon if I'm altering things...and I'll need to make a title for the page somehow.

I don't think I posted a picture yet of my Secret Pal package for this month. So here were my goodies! Lots of paper flowers, some chipboard, a filing kit (I think this is used to file/sand the edges of the chipboard after you add paper to them?), and a few other goodies. My SS is very good at spoiling me and WAY better at getting these packages out in the mail than I am. I'm always late it seems. But I always come through.

Ok...and on to some artwork to share:

I created these pages at Scrap Camp over the summer. They are of my son Dakota's 6th birthday party. He's 7 now...shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I'm a year behind...ok? view it larger just click on the photo!

Page 1:

Page 2:

These were taken at a place called Justin's Water World that's been around forever. It's an old fashioned water park. Unfortunately, this past summer they closed it down for good. Dakota wanted to have his 7th birthday there and was so bummed that he couldn't. Glad I have lots of pics!

Have a happy Sunday!


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