Thursday, September 27, 2007

Altered Candle and Candy Sleeve

These are the last two items for my Design Team application. I'm handing it in the wish me luck! I'll take some pictures of it in the container and post tomorrow. I took some last night but they came out crappy due to lighting. Hopefully I can get a better picture today.

I just wrapped the candle in the two layers of paper and attached with sticky tape. Then I cut a smaller strip of the purple and ran it through the crimper and wrapped that around. Lastly I used my hole piercer and poked holes through all the layers and slightly into the candles and then just pushed all the mini brads in. I figured that way it'd help it all stick together and would be flatter against the candle than if I actually attached the brads to the paper layer first and then attached the paper to the candle.

The other item is one of the items that we were give to do "something" with. My original thought when I saw them (and if I were doing a scrapbook page) would have been for hidden journaling. But no need to journal in the basket! So, instead I made it into a candy slider. I just inked it up with purple ink to match the rest of the items...bought a Peppermint Patty that fit almost perfectly...wrapped ribbon around the candy and then slid the candy into the sleeve. Now if you pull where the tab tells you to...the candy will appear.

Well, gotta get the move on. At least it's getting close to the weekend. I have Weight Watchers tonight and fully expect to have a gain. Between TOM and just feeling sad I've eaten more than I should have this week plus I'm retaining water. But tomorrow is Friday...and I have new stuff from my secret pal AND new (used) stamps I bought to play with over the weekend!


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Rose Ann said...

These turned out so pretty! Great job!