Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago tonight I was rushing an hour and a half to be at my Mom's bedside in the hospital. I spent the night coming into the ICU and holding her hand and then going back out to the waiting area because it was too difficult to stay for long. The next morning she passed away. My oldest child was only 6 months youngest child wasn't even born yet. They will never remember her and that saddens me. I was 27 years old...too young to say goodbye. I was just finally old enough to relate to her and appreciate her. I was looking forward to being a mom with her to guide me in the ways of motherhood. Ten years later I still have a hard time even thinking of her without crying. I miss her so much.

There is a song that always makes me think of her and I thought I'd share that with you tonight. It's called 26 Cents and is a country song by the Wilkinsons. I don't know if there is any way to actually have it play the music...but I'll put the lyrics below. Here's to you, Mom.

She sat alone on a bus out of Beaumont
The courage of just 18 years
A penny and quarter were taped to a letter
And momma's goodbye in her ears

She watched as her high school faded behind her
And the house with the white picket fence
Then she read the note that her momma had wrote
Wrapped up with 26 cents

When you get lonely, call me
Anytime at all and I'll be there with you, always
Anywhere at all
There's nothing I've got that I wouldn't give
And money is never enough
Here's a penny for your thoughts
A quarter for the call
And all of your momma's love

A penny and a quarter buys a whole lot of nothing
Taped to an old wrinkled note
And when she didn't have much she had all momma's love
Inside that old envelope

When you get lonely, call me
Anytime at all and I'll be there with you, always
Anywhere at all
There's nothing I've got that I wouldn't give
And money is never enough
Here's a penny for your thoughts
A quarter for the call
And all of your momma's love

Oh its been years since momma's been gone
But when she holds the coins she feels her love just as strong

When you get lonely, call me
Anytime at all and I'll be there with you, always
Anywhere at all
There's nothing I've got that I wouldn't give
And money is never enough
Here's a penny for your thoughts
A quarter for the call
And all of your momma's love

Here's a penny for your thoughts
A quarter for the call
And all of your momma's love

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys and Chicks!

Boy that title sounds a little dirty, eh? But, nope, it's just what it sounds like.

Here are my boys:

I went into the oldest one's bedroom the other night to tuck 'em in and they were both curled up together sleeping. I had to take a picture. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a child sleeping. for my chicks!

This is my first attempted at my Design Team project for the LSS. Any thoughts/comments? I'm making 4 of these matching cards and a holder for them to go in. Still not sure I'm loving it. I have a few more ideas but it will require stopping by the store and picking up more stuff. This stamp set is a clear set from Stampendous and has the Chick plus accessories (the basket, the bunny ears, a purse, a flag, santa hat, etc, etc).

1st idea - What you see...stick with easter theme.
2nd idea - Make sucker covers, alter a band aid tin for them to go in (Was thinking I could do a "U suck girlfriend" saying and use the purse with the chick. Maybe in pink/black?)
3rd idea - Make a gift card holder and use the purse with the Chick (also probably pink/black combo.

Any thoughts?


Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Mouse-A-Round Card

NOTE: I'm starting to add tags to my postings and I've listed the tags to the right side of my blog. So if you want to see all "House Mouse" images (for example) you'd click on that link and it'd pull only the postings I've done with House Mouse images. It'll take me awhile to get specific stamp company tags added to all my postings (most of them I just tagged as "cards" but didn't specify which company in the tag) but I wanted to let you know it's available over to the right hand side now...just may not contain all the postings yet!

Ok...if you're on my yahoo House Mouse list and don't want to see my "Mouse-a-Round" card...then don't look! I'll blab a bit and then post the card below so you won't see it if you want to be surprised. I made two of these cards so the first person will get it and so will someone else from the list. I decided I didn't want to make all unique cards. This way I'll have one ready further down the line. Makes sense to me!

Anyways, let's do something else! I've been tagged and I'm supposed to tell you seven unusual things about myself. So let's see...

1) I've lived in the same state my entire life
2) I've owned a motorcycle (dirtbike)
3) I go by my middle name (which creates havoc when starting new jobs and when I was in school).
4) I have a bachelor's degree and worked as a computer programmer/analyst in my life before children.
5) I met my husband clear across the country while I was on vacation. We met in July, married in December. Have been married 17 years!
6) I was the first child in our family to break a bone (and I have three older brothers). But if WAS my brother's fault! (He dared me to do something and I did it...which resulted in the broken arm!)
7) I consider myself very shy and introverted...but when I asked my friends to describe me...most people called me "outgoing". Still haven't figured that one out! LOL.

Ok...time for the card....


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Weekend!

No artwork to share.

I did stop by Crafts' Fifth Avenue last night. I ended up getting a clear Stampendous stamp set (with the little chick) and some coordinating cardstocks. Now I have two weeks to turn my project around and get it back to the store.

Then I went and met my friend. She stamped...I watched. Just wasn't in the mood to stamp but was very nice just to chill out with a friend. We ordered in pizza and chatted.

I HAVE to make a House Mouse card this weekend. I belong to a Yahoo Group that is just for House Mouse stamps. I'm in a swap called the "Mouse-A-Round". Each week they call one name and everyone sends cards to that one person. So for a week you get showered with cards. I thought that was pretty cool. Who wouldn't love to get showered with cards? Anyhooo...I need to make one (and preferably a few so I'm ahead of the game for the next people).

We got a new oven (well, a new used oven). Our old one died about 3 weeks ago. We've been waiting/watching for one that was affordable and in decent shape. I may just HAVE to bake cookies this weekend!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Cowboy Style

I made this card with another High Hopes Rubberstamps image that Crissy A.(aka #1artist4highhopes) sent me. The coloring in the photo doesn't look as good as it does in real life. But I love this image. What a cutie!

Here it is a little closer up:

High Hopes has so many cute images. You can check them out here on their online catalog. You can buy the stamps either mounted or unmounted. And no, I don't work for them or design for them. Just think their stamps are adorable and want to share my enthusiasm! (Oh, and BTW my birthday's in a couple weeks...hint, hint! LOL!)

Ok, on to other things. I got an email from Craft's Fifth Avenue (one of our local scrapbook stores). I am on their Design Team. Normally they hand us a bag of supplies and we use whatever they give us to design our project. This time the email said they were giving us a $15 limit and we get to pick our products. So I'm planning on stopping by tonight and getting some supplies. Not sure exactly what I feel like making...but I'm thinking maybe a set of cards with the holder for them.

I'm also stamping with a friend tonight. So hopefully more goodies to share in the week to come. Happy Friday all!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Body Humor

I'm still not sure I love how this card turned out. I had a hard time working with the sentiment because it is sooooo long that it takes up the whole length of the card and leaves little room for the image. I ended up cutting part of the image off in order to make this work. But the saying itself is so funny that I HAD to use it. LOL. Click on the card so you can see it larger.

On the inside of the card it says something to the effect of..."Very clearly I heard it say...listen Witch, do it and DIE".

I'm not sure who makes the woman stamp but I could find out. The saying is probably from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. That sounds really weird since yesterday was "Monday" but's Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High Hopes Piggy

I want to send a huge thank you out to Crissy A. (aka #1artist4highhopes) for sending me an envelope of High Hopes images. She is one of the major designers/artists for High Hopes Rubber Stamps. She draws the images that they then make into stamps. I'm just loving their stuff! If you want to see even more of their images you can check out Crissy's gallery on SCS.

For this card I used the newest sketch challenge from SplitcoastStampers. Here's the sketch...

And here is my card:

The paper for this card I got at Target in their $1 spot. 12 sheets for a $1 and it's cute stuff! Both of my boys are into piggys...I may just have to make another of these and make them into valentines for me to give to them. I've already been thinking about maybe doing something simple for their classmates. I always have the best of intentions but then run short on time. But maybe some little bag toppers with candy for them to give out? Wait and see I guess.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, January 21, 2008


Sorry folks, I know I'm slacking. I haven't felt much like creating or posting these past few days. Yesterday was my Dad's birthday (he passed away 2 1/2 years ago) and on January 31st my Mom will have been gone 10 years. So I'm feeling kind of sad and definately not creative. It'll get better....I promise.

For now, another card to share. This one is another red/black/white combo. It uses a sketch from SplitcoastStampers. The stamp set is one from Close To My Heart called Uptown Girls. It's an old set so I'm sure it's retired. The set (all look similar to this girls with dogs) isn't normally my style. But when I was a consultant we had to do a swap with the set. It seemed impossible to make a BAD card with it. And it required minimum coloring (always a plus in my book!) so I bought the set. And every card I've made...I've liked. Maybe the stylish fashion girls make the card stylish??? :-)

Also, yesterday I decided I really NEEDED to buy some adhesive. I'm sick of my MonoAdhesive (my cards keep falling apart!). I love my ATG gun but had run out of adhesive for it. I'd been using my liquid Mono Multi but don't want to waste it (plus prefer not to work with a liquid glue for big projects). So I went in search of ATG refills. probably had the best deal. But I decided to give my business to Rubber Necker Stamp Company. They charged actual shipping and I was able to sneak a new stamp onto my order! LOL. Check out "Alfie Raising His Leg". I couldn't resist this stamp! They have some REALLY adorable the frogs and the dogs and there is one in the "Laundry" section that is just too cute too (a cat inside a closed washer going around with a mouse on the top of the machine pointing and laughing). I figure I'll just have to add a new stamp each time I refill my adhesive! (Although that adhesive lasts for a LONG time...36 yards...guess I'll need to make LOTS of cards :-) )

Have a great day all. Today I'm making homemade chicken and noodles. It's one of my mom's famous dishes. And my kids LOVE it (the one food they beg me to make). It's very time intensive but oh so yummy! Wish I could make homemade bread to go with it...but our oven is still broke and we haven't found a decent used one that we can afford. So no bread today.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Like Your Style

Just a quick post today!

Used a SU set called Haute Couture for this little square card. I really love the red/black/white combo when it comes to cards. It's so striking!

There is a scrapbook and rubberstamping expo coming to town next month. They are looking for people to work at it. I've been trying to save some $ to spend but I may check into working it for spending $$. I'll post more on that when I find out.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine Penguins

I love this stamp by Memory Box! I chose to do a challenge from Kristine's blog. The challenge was to make a valentine and to use a sketch.

You can't really see the red behind the penguins very well...but it's stamped with red solid hearts and then I paper pierced around the hearts. Looks kind of cool in person. If you click on the picture it will become bigger and then you can see some of the piercing.

Well, TGIF folks...but it's time for me to head off for work.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Insane Monkey!

Saw this adorable paper at the local scrapbook store and HAD to buy it. The yellow has tone on tone bananas on it (hopefully you can see that). The monkey stamp is one of my changito monkeys from Stampendous. The saying came from a rubber stamping convention (don't remember which company). But isn't the saying soooo true? :-)

One more day to Friday and a 3 day weekend! Yay! I'm so tired. This drive is killing me. When I'm home I don't want to leave to go to work and once I'm at work I don't want to leave to come home. That hour and 15 minute drive is feeling longer every day.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beate's WSC30 Sketch Challenge

Beate posts a sketch on her blog each weekend. This is a card I made using the sketch. The colors aren't true to life in the picture...guess that's what I get for taking the photo at night! In reality, the colors/papers match the box from yesterday's posting.

All stamps are from Stampin' Up.


(hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ok, I decided to take a challenge and make a paper 4x4 box to hold goodies. I got the idea from Diana's blog.

I think mine came out cute enough but it's regular weight paper (didn't have any doublesided cardstock). So it isn't very strong. I think if I were to do it again (which I may do for easter) that I'd start out with a 4x4 square instead of an 8x8 square and end up with a 2 inch box. I think that'd be cute to add a handle to and make a little "basket" for easter goodies.

More to share tomorrow. But for now, I'm running late as usual. Have a great day!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday? Hello Friend.

Well, we are back to Monday again. Funny how that works. LOL. Yesterday I was bored to you'd think going back to work would be a good thing. I just wish it didn't mean having to get up so dang early! Plus when I woke up my stomach was all queasy. Hopefully that goes away.

Anyways, on to some artwork (it's all you really care about anyways...huh?) I received this image from a fellow stamper. The main image is a House Mouse image (of course)...the saying is from TAC (The Angel Company). The punched image (that the saying is on) is created by a punch from Stampin' Up.

Well, I best get going. Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Artwork and a New Stamp Company!

Well, a new stamp company to ME at least. And actually, I don't own any of their stamps yet...but my birthday is next month (hint, hint! LOL!) I love all the adorable images from High Hopes Rubber Stamps. After seeing several cards in the gallery at SCS I decided I had to at least have some images from this company to play with. So I posted several requests and have three people lined up to send me images. The first envelope arrived and I HAD to play!

Here's my first creation using High Hopes images:

I used prismacolor pencils to color it in. A tiny bit of stickles on the drops that his feet are kicking up. And the rest is just paper for the most part. Very little embellishing because I didn't think it needed anything else.

Yesterday I stamped and stamped and stamped. I have plenty to share for the rest of the week. So make sure you check back every day for more artwork!

Also, in yesterday's mail I got a surprise package! On SplitCoastStampers they had an "elfing" program at Christmastime. There was a coordinator who took names. If someone wanted to "elf" you they let the coordinator know and the coordinator would contact you and ask for your mailing address and send a questionnaire. Well, I knew I was elfed and received a package in December from my friend Bonnie. Then yesterday I was sleeping when the mailman came and my hubby laid a package on the bed beside my head. So the first thing I saw when I woke up was a package. It was from Iowa and I don't know anyone in particular from Iowa that I was expecting something from. So I took my time opening the package...relishing the surprise. Turns out it was another Elf package (not from Bonnie...I think she lives in the NW). So I'm not sure who elfed me this time...but it was a big surprise! There was a clear alphabet stamp set, stickers, die cuts, notecards and envies, etc, etc.

I've also joined an online group that is for the use of House Mouse stamps. Yesterday I received a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from one of them welcoming me to the group and they included some stamped images. I used one of those to make a card and it'll be one I'm sharing this week.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I need to go get showered. My dh is having company over and I don't want to be sitting here in my PJs!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

No artwork today

I'm fresh out of new artwork to share - but I will work on some for you this weekend. Yesterday was a LONG day. Got up at my normal 5:30a.m. (if 5:30 can ever be "normal"! LOL) and went to work. Worked till 5:30. Drove home and got home about 7:00p.m. Picked up the kids and hubby and then turned around and drove another hour to my brother's house. Spent a few hours there with family and headed home about 10:30...getting us back home about 11:00. When I got home I just CRASHED into bed.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you the Frog or the Fly?

I was stamping some images for an image swap the other day when I ran across these stamps and decided I HAD to use them to make a card.

The frog is from a company called Biblical Impressions
The saying....I'm not sure. Picked it up at a stamping convention. That's the problem I have with unmounted stamps and conventions. By the time I get home I usually have no idea where the stamp originated from!

I colored the frog in with two shades of prismacolor pencils. And added a little faux stitching and a piece of hemp to dress it up a bit. I think it's a great masculine card and it was really easy to make.



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Easter Chick...Take 2!

This is the second card I made with my new Easter Chick stamp ($1 stamp from Michael's). I got the sketch from SCS. The Stampin' Up papers were given to me by my good friend Concetta. (Thanks Concetta!) I like this better in real life...the colors didn't come out as well in the photo.

I popped up the main image panel with pop-dot adhesives. It's colored in with my new prismacolor pencils. And I used a touch of glitter glue on his beak. Here's a closer view of the main image...

Well, I'm out of here for this morning. Hope you enjoyed the card and manage to survive always amazes me that Monday/Tuesday seem so long but if you survive Wednesday...then Thursday and Friday usually fly by.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Easter Chick...Take 1

I love my new $1 stamps from Michaels. It seems some designs are better than others. (I hardly bought any Christmas or Valentines ones but I LOVE the Easter ones!)

This is kind of a cool card design. I found a tutorial online for it. Basically it uses circle punches and a popped up central section to make a dimensional window. Don't know if there is a "name" for the type of card or not. I'll try and find the directions and link them here later. In the meantime...

Here's a closer up view of the central image area:

Well, hit the snooze alarm 2 times this morning (or was it 3?) So I best get going. Have a great day all!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gina K Sketch Challenge #2

This is for the second challenge that was posted on the Gina K forum on SCS last night (read posts below for more detail).

I'm going to give this card to our secretary at work. She's always grumbling about things - but she has a great sense of humor and will take this in the spirit it was meant to be given. All images are from THIS set...a Langley Boy Designs set designed for Gina K.

I put stickles (glitter glue) on all the dots on the panties so it has a bit of shine in real life. On the inside I stamped another phrase from the set that says "Just deal with it!"



Gina K Sketch Challenge #1

Last night Gina K had her Release Party to celebrate her new stamps. As part of the party, she had a couple sketch challenges. I decided I would just HAVE to play along (especially since the winner receives a free stamp set...and who couldn't use a FREE set?) :-)

The crab stamp is one of my favorite Gina K stamps. The saying I printed on the computer. The wavy edge on the right side of the card is cut with a coluzzle. The front of the card is actually about 1 inch short and the black you see on the right is on the inside of the card. The oval is punched with a Marvy Giga Scalloped punch and then I used a mini hole punch and punched within each of the scalloped areas and then the whole thing is popped up on dimensionals. I love how it came out!

Let me know what YOU think!


I love Michael's $1 stamps!

These new stamps from Michael's are some of their cutest yet! Especially the spring ones! to your nearest Michael's! I've made several cards and I'm sure after seeing them that you won't want to be without the cute chicks and bunnys!

You saw one of the stamps in yesterday's criss cross card. Well, here he is again for your viewing pleasure!

This layout was inspired by fellow SBS4'er (Sisterhood of Blogging Sisters 4) Diana. You can see her sketch HERE.

After stamping with my well organized friend on Friday I felt the need to organize spent the better part of the day cleaning off my tables. I have two tables and was down to about a foot of space left that I could actually use. So...that was yesterday's chore.

Today I'm going to work on a couple sketch challenges for Gina K's site. She had her new stamp release party last night and she has some awesome new stamp sets. You can check them all out HERE. I love the animal butt's one (called Just So Hippy)...and the old folks one (that'd be great for my OLDer brothers)...oh, and the Dr. Feelgood one! I wouldn't use the Anna-Mae's Valentine set because it isn't my style...but check it out. This is drawn by Gina K's teenage daughter! I think she has MAJOR talent...especially for someone so young.

Have a wonderful LONNNNGGG Sunday everyone!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

I laughed till I cried!

Yesterday, I met up with my to stamp. I had brought my new $1 stamps from Michael's to play with. She was going to make a criss-cross card so we pulled up the tutorial on SplitcoastStampers. I decided I'd make one too. So we sit down and get to work. My $1 stamp has a bunny and says Some Bunny Special. So I stamp the bunny at the top and put the saying portion on the bottom of the insert. I wanted to put U R on the "envelope" so it'd say "U R (pull it open) Some Bunny Special". So I stamp the U and try to find an "R" that looks ok with it. I think "duh". I could add a tab to the top of the insert panel and put the "R" or "are" on the tab. I'm thinking I'm SO smart and loving how it's turning out. See here?

Looks great, eh?

Well, then I slid the insert into the criss-cross card and my friend looks at it and says, "Umm...Jane...NOW look at what it says."

Instead of "U are somebunny special" now appears to say "Are U...somebunny special"? OMG, we had so much fun laughing about it. Totally wasn't meant to be funny...but add a question mark behind the "somebunny special" and I can think of a few people to send this to! ;-) LOL.

For the tutorial to make a criss cross card you can go HERE.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Friday!

Have you ever had someone in your life who jokes about things so much that when they are serious you don't take them seriously? My kids are like that with my dh (then they come to me asking me "Mom, are we REALLY having monkey brains for dinner?" LOL.) Well, my boss is also one who jokes about everything. Remember me saying that he was telling everyone I made the nugget boxes? Well, yesterday I was talking to one of my female coworkers and she said, "You didn't really make those boxes did you?". I told her I had. Then she felt bad because my boss had told her and she'd brushed him off and thought he was joking. I had to laugh because it sounds like what happens in my house often with my kids and my dh.

Tonight I'm stopping and stamping with a friend. So hopefully will have more fun stuff to share tomorrow. In the meantime I'll share a couple more calendar pages. I'm STILL working on these. At this rate they'll be done by NEXT Christmas! LOL.

Here is July:

Stamp by CTMH and I just used the brown inkpad and a sponge to age it a bit.

Here is August:

Stamp is by Memory Box.

Enjoy and have a great Friday!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Have to Keep it Short and Simple today...

I'm running late (hitting the snooze alarm 3 times will do that to you! ;-)) That would go back to my posting earlier this week that said "Not a morning person doesn't being to cover it!" LOL. I'm a night owl. And as such I stay up way too late and then 5:30 comes around in the morning and I REALLY don't want to get out of that bed. Sigh.

Anyways, I did want to say how well received my nugget boxes were from yesterday. My boss loved his (he seems to get a kick out of my creativity more than the two gals I work with). He asked me where I bought the box and when I told him I made it he was amazed. I could hear him telling people all day long that I MADE that box. So funny. Then I came home and I had an email from the owner of Clear Dollar Stamps telling me how much she loved my boxes and could she post them on her website! Of course I said "yes". I feel like a celebrity!

On my way home last night I stopped and bought a full set of the prismacolor pencils with the gift card I got for Christmas. Used a 50% off coupon so was able to get the set of 48 for $30. Yay!

Anyways - here's my artwork for today. It was a Limited Supply Challenge from SCS. You could use ONLY white cardstock but could use 2-3 patterned papers, no specialty tools, no brads or other embellishments...the only embellishment you could use was one piece of ribbon. This is what I came up with.

The Bella image is one I received as part of a PIF (pay it forward) on Splitcoaststampers. I love the Bellas but don't own any of them. So far I have resisted the urge! LOL.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nugget Boxes...oh my!

This is what I spent my day doing yesterday.

I had tried making these boxes one other time without much success. But yesterday's venture worked out much better. Not sure exactly why...maybe the pattern was better? I got the pattern from HERE on SplitCoastStampers. I made two sizes...the 1x6 long (THANKS) and the 10 short (THANK YOU).

Here is the THANKS open so you can see all of it:

Here is the THANK YOU open:

And here are both sizes closed:

I had originally planned on all of them being 10's...but ran out of nuggets (as is...this is 2 bags of Hershey's Nuggets!) So I shortened the last box to "Thanks" instead of Thank You. They will live.

On the 10's boxes I used my coluzzle and cut out an opening on the top and then covered it with acetate so you can see inside. On the 6 box I stamped a strip for the top and then added "bling" to the centers of the snowflakes.

The main stamp set is THIS one from Clear Dollar Stamps. For the letters to spell out the words I used my Karen Foster Snap Stamps. what do you think? I love how they turned out!