Saturday, January 5, 2008

I laughed till I cried!

Yesterday, I met up with my to stamp. I had brought my new $1 stamps from Michael's to play with. She was going to make a criss-cross card so we pulled up the tutorial on SplitcoastStampers. I decided I'd make one too. So we sit down and get to work. My $1 stamp has a bunny and says Some Bunny Special. So I stamp the bunny at the top and put the saying portion on the bottom of the insert. I wanted to put U R on the "envelope" so it'd say "U R (pull it open) Some Bunny Special". So I stamp the U and try to find an "R" that looks ok with it. I think "duh". I could add a tab to the top of the insert panel and put the "R" or "are" on the tab. I'm thinking I'm SO smart and loving how it's turning out. See here?

Looks great, eh?

Well, then I slid the insert into the criss-cross card and my friend looks at it and says, "Umm...Jane...NOW look at what it says."

Instead of "U are somebunny special" now appears to say "Are U...somebunny special"? OMG, we had so much fun laughing about it. Totally wasn't meant to be funny...but add a question mark behind the "somebunny special" and I can think of a few people to send this to! ;-) LOL.

For the tutorial to make a criss cross card you can go HERE.

Have a great weekend!



Tracey said...

The card still looks great Jane you will have to give it to somebody with a sense of humour :D

Rose Ann said...

Great criss cross card! I love that paper and cute bunny!

Tickle Me Pink said...

That is too cute!! I love the tab at the top as well :D

~JULES~ said...

very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing!

Carmen said...

It's a great card! Thanks for the link to the tutorial!

catt871 said...

Hi Jane! This card is FABULOUS just the way it is!! I love it!!! I'm glad you had so much fun making it!!! A fellow SBS4 sister, Chris

Concetta said...

Thanks for that night, I really enjoyed laughing with you!