Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Mouse-A-Round Card

NOTE: I'm starting to add tags to my postings and I've listed the tags to the right side of my blog. So if you want to see all "House Mouse" images (for example) you'd click on that link and it'd pull only the postings I've done with House Mouse images. It'll take me awhile to get specific stamp company tags added to all my postings (most of them I just tagged as "cards" but didn't specify which company in the tag) but I wanted to let you know it's available over to the right hand side now...just may not contain all the postings yet!

Ok...if you're on my yahoo House Mouse list and don't want to see my "Mouse-a-Round" card...then don't look! I'll blab a bit and then post the card below so you won't see it if you want to be surprised. I made two of these cards so the first person will get it and so will someone else from the list. I decided I didn't want to make all unique cards. This way I'll have one ready further down the line. Makes sense to me!

Anyways, let's do something else! I've been tagged and I'm supposed to tell you seven unusual things about myself. So let's see...

1) I've lived in the same state my entire life
2) I've owned a motorcycle (dirtbike)
3) I go by my middle name (which creates havoc when starting new jobs and when I was in school).
4) I have a bachelor's degree and worked as a computer programmer/analyst in my life before children.
5) I met my husband clear across the country while I was on vacation. We met in July, married in December. Have been married 17 years!
6) I was the first child in our family to break a bone (and I have three older brothers). But if WAS my brother's fault! (He dared me to do something and I did it...which resulted in the broken arm!)
7) I consider myself very shy and introverted...but when I asked my friends to describe me...most people called me "outgoing". Still haven't figured that one out! LOL.

Ok...time for the card....



Deb said...

I enjoyed your facts and I love the card, that stamp is so cute!

Donelda said...

I love house mouse and I love love love this card!! The image is so well colored!! and I really like how you've kept the card front pretty simple so as not to distract rom the beatuiful image.

Thanks for sharing!
Donelda SBS4 said...

Nice to read info on people and get to know them. I really enjoy this cards colors and the adorable stamp!

Lisa C. said...

cute card! I will know not to look at your blog the week I am! Love your coloring!

Jovita said...

Jane your card is fantastic, I'm sure a lucky MARer is going to love getting this. tfs

Linda said...

The picture and the cards really bring back memories. One of my favorite pictures of my youngest son -- he is sound asleep in a big bed full of girls. I hosted a girls slumber party and he had SO much fun.

Rose Ann said...

Super cute card!! I loved reading your tag too!