Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Body Humor

I'm still not sure I love how this card turned out. I had a hard time working with the sentiment because it is sooooo long that it takes up the whole length of the card and leaves little room for the image. I ended up cutting part of the image off in order to make this work. But the saying itself is so funny that I HAD to use it. LOL. Click on the card so you can see it larger.

On the inside of the card it says something to the effect of..."Very clearly I heard it say...listen Witch, do it and DIE".

I'm not sure who makes the woman stamp but I could find out. The saying is probably from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. That sounds really weird since yesterday was "Monday" but's Wednesday!



Littlekel90 said...

LOL . . . love the sentiment, and the images is colored beautifully! :) Kelly

Jan Scholl said...

this stamp looks like a lady at my gym! She only speaks German with a tad of broken English, so I now have to find this stamp. Who makes it if you know?

Liane said...

Hey, it's me in the gym! Cute card, thanks for sharing. Awesome work, as always. Liane

Seleise said...

hahaha! where did you ever find this stamp set??? what a hoot!

catt871 said...

Hilarious!!! I love that saying!! And yes, that does seem like a saying Viva Las Vegas Stamps sells! I love their stuff!!!!

And as a fellow SBS4 sister, I wanted to let you know about the SBS Cafe blog that just started. Deb & I are passing on the word!!! Here is the link:

Marcia said...

Oh that is so me!!!!!! Love it