Monday, August 13, 2007

I can see clearly now...

Decided I'd make this a Clear Dollar Stamps week. Every card I show this week will feature at least one stamp that I bought from their site. Cards may use other stamps as well...but the main image will be from Clear Dollar Stamps.

This first card I made features stamps from a brand new set (that I helped create by giving my input before the stamp set was finalized). It just became available this month. I LOVE this set! So many cute ideas.

Here's the stamp set itself.

And this is the first card I made using the set...

I THINK (although I'm not certain because I don't have other companies to compare this to) that Clear Dollar Stamps has a different way of using a "Design Team". I THINK most companies have designers who help create artwork AFTER the stamps are made. I don't think the designers have any input into the actual making of the stamps. At Clear Dollar Stamps, the owner Lori, has an Idea Team and a Design Team. I'm on the Idea Team (although I hope to be on the Design Team at some point!) The people on the Idea Team all give input into the actual making of the stamp sets. For example, on this set Lori sent us a .jpg file of a few office supply items. We came up with phrases and a few additional items..she makes changes and sends a .jpg back out...repeat a couple times till everyone is happy with it. Then after the stamps are made the Design Team creates the actual samples that you see on the website.

So, how did I GET ONTO the Idea Team? Well, I sought out a couple companies I liked their images and that were new to the scene (or new enough that I felt a newbie like myself might have a chance). Then I ordered a few stamps from the companies and created a few samples. I then sent each company an email saying how much I liked their designs and asked if they had a Design Team - and oh, by the way, here is a card I made with your stamps. Then I let them lead. The first company didn't have a Design Team but told me if I get published with their stamps I'd get a credit on free stamps. The second was Clear Dollar Stamps. Lori had an opening on her Idea Team and took me on board. And I'm happy to be here. It's a lot of fun to be in on the idea side!

Anyhow...keep an eye out for new creations this week using Clear Dollar Stamps!


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TheDvineMissM said...

CONGRATS! How fabulous is that! This is a great card and they are lucky to have you :O) Thanks for sharing!