Friday, August 17, 2007

Basket of Blessings and thoughts on perfectionism

Good morning all! Last night I decided to do the Limited Supply Challenge on SCS. The challenge was to use 1)ONE main image stamp 2)For the background you could use a stamp, a flourish, or patterned paper 3)ONE sentiment stamp 4)Any color ink & solid cardstock 5)ONE of these embellishments: ribbon, brads, buttons, eyelets 6)ONE speciality tool: piercer, crimper, cuttlebug, or punch.

I combined that with my personal "I Can See Clearly Now" challenge to use stamps from and this is what I came up with.

I did a few things that I'm not sure were ok for the Limited Supply Challenge (but they weren't excluded so I assume they were ok). I used two patterned papers for my background, I used brown kraft CS to make my own "ribbon", I used a pen to make faux stitching, and I used pop-dot adhesive on the main image so it pops up. I colored in the apples using chalks (and the blender I got at the expo). And technically my "main image" is 2 stamps...because the stamp set has a couple different baskets and different fillers for the baskets so you can mix/match. OTHER than's totally legit! LOL!

Ok...let's swing another direction here and let me ask a question. Do you think perfectionism is a learned trait or an innate trait? I'm a perfectionist about most things (not about being neat and tidy in the house but in other areas). I always thought this was because of how I grew up. I have three older brothers and my Dad always showed a preference for them. My Mom told me once that he loved me in his own way, but that he'd wanted me to be a boy. So I thought that's where it started for me. Always trying to do what my brothers did to earn his love.

But now I'm a parent and I have two children. My youngest is a total perfectionist (and was since at least kindergarten). I'm a very laid back parent. I don't sit there and make them do things over and over again. I don't berate them for less than stellar grades as long as they are trying their best. So I don't know where this perfectionism comes from. And it breaks my heart to see it in him so young. This morning he forgot his backpack. No big deal, right? I show up to the school with the backpack and everyone is talking about it. He was sobbing and upset and noone could console him. NOONE got after him at all. It should have been a simple, "I forgot my backpack call" and I would have dropped it and no big deal. But he was beside himself and the more anyone tried to talk to him the more upset he became. They finally just waited for me to get there. I hugged him and told him it wasn't a big deal. That his older brother forgot things some times, etc. He was still snuffling when I left.

I was talking to the special ed teacher on my way out and I guess she'd talked to him too. I told her that I'm a perfectionist for myself but I've never been that way with the kids. She agreed and she said she thought it was just innate in some people. OTOH, I've had this discussion with a counselor who thinks that he sees me being a perfectionist towards myself and copies. SO....what are you and your kids like? Do you think some people are just born that way? Do you think it's learned? Maybe a little of both?

Talk to me people! ;-)


Anonymous said...


I certainly tell from your beautiful work that you are a perfectionist. Your art shows it. Did you use a template for the paper piercing triangle on the stamped panel? Very nice detail.


Jason Sampson said...

Love this card, love how you laid it down, love the colors you went with, and this simple concept has such impact, way to go girl!