Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heritage Pages and New Card Techniques

I have LOTS to share today!

First is your LAST day to enter for blog make sure you enter. If you've already guessed, you CAN guess again. I will tell you only a few people have it correct so far.

Second...I have a job interview today! Yay! That's good news - although I'll need to find out more about it. It's located MUCH closer to home which appeals to me (about 18 miles verses 30 miles I was driving). For where I live in the boonies...I'm not going to find anything much closer than 15 miles.

AND I have a job interview tomorrow! It's further away - actually pretty close to where I used to work. I applied for a couple positions there so not sure which one they are interviewing me for. So I'll know more about that tomorrow.


Here are the scrapbook pages I was supposed to post yesterday (yep, running a day late and a dollar short as usual). These are out of my Mom's memorial album. She never talked about her childhood and had VERY few pictures of it. After she passed away I contacted her twin sister and asked if she'd share anything she had. She was kind enough to share both pictures and stories. So I used that information to complete an album. I chose an 8 1/2 x 11 for the album so I could color copy the pages and give my brothers copies of it. I also stuck to a theme throughout with the same colors and metal/silver embellishments. Here is the first page of the album.

And this second page includes a "photo" of a baby that I ASSUME is my mom. We found it among her things. It was one of the old metal plate photo plates...wrapped in tissue paper with a note about how to take care of the photo plate. But the note didn't say who it was. If the picture looks's because it's a color copy of the plate itself. The page with the history was bought at the local scrapbook store and then I aged it a bit with ink and tied in the metal by adding metal corners in a couple of the blank squares. on to some new cards/techniques. First off...let me share the UGLY card from the other day that I made with transparencies. I wanted to try stamping on the transparency with white staz-on...which in itself looked cool...but when I tried to layer it on anything the white disappeared for the most part. So then I thought I'd try coloring the back with sharpies. Thus the pink. I left part just white but mostly outlined it. Then I decided to stamp "joy" on it with my black staz-on...but it was dry and didn't stamp well and I'd ruined part of my card. So whacked off the top of the card because it was unsalvagable. Resized the card to make it square. Restamped the greeting with a regular archival ink. Added black faux stitching and ribbon to try and tie in the black greeting. But...all in heck of an ugly card! ;-) See...we all make them!

But the next two cards came out well enough that I'm almost forgiving myself for the ugly one! LOL!

This first card is supposed to use a technique called "emerging color". I don't think I nailed it and will definately have to try it again...but I still like how the finished card turned out. This uses a stamp set from CTMH. This is probably my all time favorite stamp set just for it's versatality.

And I saved the best card for last. This uses the "faux linen" technique. Basically you start with glossy cardstock. Stamp your background or images. Then sand both horizonally and vertically. Sponge on a light brown ink all over. Then sand again. I love how soft the finished card turned out due to the sanding. This stamp set is from Stampin' Up and is called Roses In Winter (now retired).

That's all for today. I need to go get ready for my interview!


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TheDvineMissM said...

*CLAP...CLAP...CLAP* I am so happy to hear about your interviews. Good luck!!!! I will keep everything I have, crossed for you :O)