Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doing the HAPPY DANCE!

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, I got a job offer, I got a job offer.
(if you have kids...do this to the tune of "It's my birthday").

Dang it, that's an animated emoticon that's doing a happy dance...but I can't figure out how to make him bigger OR how to make him start dancing! Anyone have more experience than I do?

The job pays a little less than my last job, benefits cost more, further from home...but I think I'd really like the people and the environment. And it's NOT a computer programming position! It's a Business Analyst position. So still playing and massaging data...but not the nitty gritty programming. The range on the position is $33-42,000 and they are offering $40,000 - near the top of the range. Not sure if I can get them to go any higher or not. And the health insurance costs over $1000 per month for a family! That's outrageous! I'm pretty sure I could get an independent insurance plan for less and that may be what we end up doing.

I do have an interview set up next week working for the State (in a similar position). So I'm not sure what to do. I'd say my chances of getting offered it are pretty high (my friend works for the State and says generally they only interview 3-4 people). First they sent me a letter - and when I hadn't replied within 2 days to set up an interview they called me this morning. They still had 3 time slots available. I know for a fact that their benefits are to die for. So I may "accept" this job but say I can't start for 2 weeks. Then interview with the State next week but tell them I have another offer on the table and I need a decision quickly. That way I may have held up the current place a bit - but I wouldn't have cost them anything in training me. I don't want to start there and then have to quit. But I also don't want to sell myself short.

Regardless, for now I'm happy, happy, happy! So nice to have the stress relieved and know we're not going to run out of savings!

I PROMISE I will post artwork late tonight. I printed off a tutorial for a new type of card (new for me) so will get to work on creating it just for YOU! ;-)


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