Friday, August 10, 2007

More Skeletons!

I saw these cute boxes on SCS and decided to try my hand at them. I like how mine turned out...but I did notice two things that I did wrong. One...I didn't realize which would be the top vs the bottom of the finished most of my skeletons are upside down (but luckily some of them stand on their heads so those ones are upright! LOL). And secondly...I should have punched my holes closer to the edge for the ribbon closure. It was ok on the lid...but then you pull the lid down over the front of the box and mark the location for the holes there and the holes there end up being further in...and my hole punch wouldn't reach. In the future (or if I were trying to do these up nice) I think I'd pre-figure all of this out and maybe place large eyelets in the front of the box too. Regardless, I can't always be perfect (just most the time, ha!) So here's my finished box!

Front View:

Side View:

Ok...enough halloween...let's move on to some general stuff.

1) I have another interview scheduled for next week. This is actually a place where I'd submitted an application well over a month ago. Not sure why it took this long but I'm happy for the interview. It's a Business Analyst position. Downside is that it'd be an hour drive each way.

2) Submitted a bunch of resumes today for city positions that'd be close to home. It'd be nice if one of those came through.

3) I'm going to a scrapbooking and rubberstamping expo tomorrow and I'm SO PSYCHED! I'm so ready to get out of the house for a day with a friend. It's about an hour and a half from here. So we'll plan on leaving at 8:00 and getting there by 9:30. My goal is to spend 2-3 hours there and be headed back early in the day. It's SO hot that I prefer not to spend too much time out and about in it. I'm not sure how many vendors will be there. From the list on the website it doesn't look as big as the one that was in Tucson. That surprises me because Phoenix is a bigger area...but it's also the hottest time of year. Maybe vendors don't want to come here when it's 112 degrees! Maybe their rubber would melt! Actually, for the record...the heat here is enough to make your rubber stamps start sliding off their blocks because the heat melts the adhesive that holds them. I have a budget to stick to so it's probably a good thing there aren't as many vendors. Usually I tend to buy unmounted stamps and pick stamps that can be used with stamps I already own (so I have a couple coffee sets for example...if I see coffee sayings then I might pick those up). I also usually buy my EZMount at the conventions (it's what I use to mount my unmounteds). It's cheaper there and I don't have to pay shipping. There is nowhere locally to get it. I also know that a new scrapbook store opened that's on the way. So I might stop there just to check it out. Regardless, I'll be checking back in tomorrow evening to share the "spoils" of my day.



Jenn said...

Your skeleton box is adorable! I love them upside down! :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be cute to make these for my kiddos for Halloween? They aren't that hard to make and if I started ahead of time I should be able to do it.

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