Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Surprise!

Yesterday I managed to not only get my resume finished...but I got a JOB INTERVIEW! I love the world of technology where you can email your resume to folks! I'm submitting another application today but they require it by fax or mail. So I'll fax it today to be waiting tomorrow. Anyways, the one I have an interview for is a Reports Writer position using SQL Report Generator.

My dh got a new car yesterday. His car has no air conditioning. It's 109 degrees here these days and since he's taking care of the kids I really wanted to find a way for him to have a/c. Before he just drove the non-a/c car to work in the morning and back at night so it wasn't so hot during the times he drove it. Anyways, he got a Hyundai Tiberon. Very nice looking car. So Monday he'll be busy getting license plates, insurance, etc set up.

Yesterday I decided to play a bit. I wanted to do something new. So I broke out my H2O's (which I'd used once so far) and my transparencies (which I've never used). I stamped a rose in black on white cardstock and then colored it in with the H2O's. And layered it onto a few layers. The brownish/goldish piece of cardstock was purchased on-line at a place that was going out of business. It's really kinda shimmery in real life. Anyways, then I stamped the rose a second time on the transparency and laid it over the top of the original rose. Trimmed around the edge. Stamped on the word and then used the brads to attach. I really like how it turned out. I'm going to post two pictures so you can see it dead on and then a little to the side (which shows the transparency more). Sorry it's a little blurry...really hard to get a good picture of it.

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