Monday, July 30, 2007

Boys will be boys!

I thought I'd share some pictures of my boys this morning. These guys are my world. They make me laugh, smile, and at times even cry. They couldn't be any different from each other - one loves the outdoors, one you have to bribe to get to go outside - one loves cheese the other hates it - one loves school the other hates it - etc, etc.

This is Mario...our oldest son. One of my dh's friends called and told my dh that they had some "war stuff" at the thrift store. These helmets were what I found. I picked up two of them for my DH. The kids think they are so cool (and honestly, they are really cool!) Mario is my "indoor" child. He spends very little time outdoors, but prefers to stay inside on the computer, playstation, etc. He's the pickiest eater. He doesn't like school. He's very personable and everyone loves him at school. He's VERY polite (to the point of taking blame for things that aren't his fault...working on that). He's very tender hearted (hard to believe from this picture!) And he's into the history channel and anything to do with military. I honestly think his love of the indoors and his hating school have to do with his premature start to life and his issues with motor skills and learning disabilities. He's very intelligent and will find his niche as he grows older.

And this is Dakota - showing off one of the many critters he's caught! For those of you who don't know what this critter's a horny toad or I believe they may be technically called a horned collared lizard (or something to that effect). Dakota is my "outside" child. If you left him outside 24 hours a day he'd be a happy camper. He spends hours outside in his "fort". He catches grasshoppers and bugs of all sorts. He loves school (which really surprised me!) He's a momma's boy (big time). Sometimes I think I'm made of metal and he is a huge magnet! LOL! He's tiny for his age (he's 7 and finally reached 40 pounds!) Everyone thinks he's adorable and he knows it and uses it to his advantage.

I'll have to get a clearer picture of Mario at some point so you can see how handsome he is as well. Right now this is the only one I have on my camera. Will have to dig out a CD to share a clearer picture in the future.

Hold those you love dear to you today!


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TheDvineMissM said...

What a it makes life unpredictable and fun! Thanks for sharing!