Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good morning!

It's a good morning when I have so much to share that I don't know WHAT to share! I think I'll start with a couple VERY different cards. The first one is a sympathy card. I'm not good at sympathy cards. But I asked my brother, John, to send me some digital pictures (he takes absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures...I keep trying to convince him to do a business with them) and I printed one of them off and then just stamped on the photo itself with staz-on ink. You have to be a little careful because the photo is glossy so it has a habit of being slippery to stamp on. Then I matted on white and then onto a dark blue cardstock that has texture. It's a 2 sided cardstock where the other side is a light it was perfect for writing on on the inside. This was for the family of my OB. I ended up going to his memorial service yesterday - seven years to the day that he delivered my youngest son. I guess it's all about the circle of life.

And this is a card I made for my little man. The monkey stamp is from TAC and the background and words (that you can't see) are from SU. The inside has a pocket and it had $100 in it. That's what he chose for his birthday - a shopping spree at Toys R Us. So we'll be doing that today, along with him choosing where to have dinner and then we'll do cake at home.


george.franco said...

Great colors!! I sneaked online but should be cleaning house. :O) This is so cute!!


Aznewmom said...

JANE!!!!! Was he the poor guy who had the confrontation w/the cops?
I saw that on the news and also saw that he was w/Obstetrix (where I went a couple of times myself for US). Such a sad situation and story.

I'm sorry for the loss.