Saturday, July 21, 2007

Alcohol Ink on Transparency Tutorial

Ok...I did the best I could with the pictures. Since I still haven't found my digital card I had to be a little stingy on the pictures I took (otherwise I'd fill up my camera's memory too quickly). start with for the TRANSPARENCY you will need:

2-3 colors of alcohol inks
felt pads
and either some newspaper or one of these craft sheets like I'm using to stamp on

This picture shows all the supplies we will be using for both the transparency and the agate background so there are a few extra items in the picture for this part of the project.

Place your transparency on top of the craft sheet (or several layers of newsprint or scrap paper). Take a piece of felt and apply it to your applicator. Basically the applicator is a wood block with a piece of velcro on it and you just push the felt onto the velcro. Next we are going to add the ink. I used 2 colors. Place the tip of the alcohol ink to the applicator BEFORE squeezing. Otherwise it'll be a mess that doesn't clean up easily. Here you'll see I squeezed on 2 colors in a total of 4 areas. It's ok if they run into each other a little bit.

Once the applicator is inked up, pounce it onto your transparency. Do one layer let dry. This should only take a moment.

Then re-ink (if necessary) and repeat until the transparency is covered. Here I held the transparency over a bit of white cardstock so you can see what it looks like finished.

Then you can choose to layer it over a stamped image or use it by itself. Because it is see through whatever adhesive you use will be able to be seen. Brads are a good choice for adhering...or use well hidden adhesive like I did on my project. Basically I backed the front section on the inside of the card so it didn't matter that I used adhesive.

To clean up: If you used scrap paper just throw it away. If you used a craft mat, you can use the blending solution (large bottle) to clean all of the ink off your mat. This also helps with any you get on your fingers.

Here's my finished card! In this case, I made it into a window card so the fish is actually stamped on the inside of the card. The colors look better in real life. Seems like the scan didn't do it justice.

Ok...I'm saving the agate tutorial for tomorrow.

Enjoy playing!


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