Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Partial Secret Pal Reveal

Ok, first I have to say I did NOT get my Bind-It-All. A friend of mine got the last one (and I'd been stupid enough...wait...I mean nice tell her about the sale). I'll make her share for now and try again in a couple weeks when they have a sale again.

After working my butt off yesterday (no, actually unfortunately my big butt is still there...but you know what I mean! LOL!) I've finally finished my secret pal gifts.

So I thought I'd share a bit. Between them and any pages I make over the weekend at Scrap Camp I should have plenty to share for awhile! Today I'll share everything she's getting tomorrow.

This will be the first gift my pal receives at Camp. The theme for the weekend is a We're Cruising (on a ship). So this is her survival kit. It has a HUGE pair of goofy sunglasses, a compressed towel, a sun hat (the stamped one that's below in my blog somewhere), a little chair for the beach, etc. It's basically just an ice breaker gift. I got the luggage tag at Joann's on clearance for 97 cents. She'll get this Friday early evening.

Then the next gift I haven't decided if I'll give seperate or include with the bag above. It's a plastic margarita glass with freezable ice cubes. Kinda fits the survival theme but looks so pretty by itself! So I haven't decided yet. Here's that.

Next will be this box (full of different paper punchers) and on the back of the tag it says "by now, on a real cruise you'd be a little 'punch' happy". I didn't take a picture of that yet. It doesn't have any stamping. I used a happy face stick balloon and a gift bag and then for the tag I used my circle coluzzle to make a yellow and then a larger black circle. Punched holes for eyes and a nose and drew on a mouth (to mimic the balloon).

Then the last package for the night is this one. It has a note about relaxing for the day to follow. It has bath goodies in it. She collects rubber ducks so I centered on that theme.

Now, don't you wish you were MY Secret Pal??? And there is still more for Saturday. The camp runs from Friday night 6p.m. till about noon on Sunday...but we do the Secret Pal Reveal late Saturday. So you're really giving gifts over about a 24 hour period. The hardest part is sneaking all this in! And then sneaking it to your pal's table when they leave. Last year my pal sat across the table from me. She'd get up for 2 seconds and come back to a gift. I'd literally about toss it across the table in order to not get caught! LOL. This year I'm not going to be able to stay at the resort and it's too hot to leave any of this in the it's all going to have to go in with me. I have a couple crop bags with wheels...I'll just designate one as a gift bag. I think that'll work pretty well. Saturday's things are even that may be more of a problem!

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