Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sad day...

Today I lost a friend. Well, maybe not what many people would consider a friend...but someone whom I considered a friend. Someone who cared about me. Someone who went above and beyond his responsibilities as a physician. After I lost two babies he made sure I got counseling and he made sure the nurses in the NICU were watching over me since he didn't see me every day and he was worried about me being depressed and suicidal. And I feel very very sad that someone wasn't there to do the same for him. I wonder what was so wrong in his life. He had kids and grandkids. I'm sure more will come out in the news in the days to come.

Give your loved ones a hug today. Tell people you appreciate them. Be nice to people you don't have to be. Go the extra mile. We never know what is going on in their life.


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Aznewmom said...

Problem w/reading the blog from top to bottom........later posts last.....this post answers my earlier question. It WAS the doc you were referring to in your post from today (July 18)......and others in between.

I too wish someone had known, reached out, helped him.

Again.....I'm sorry for your loss.
These situations are always so profoundly sad.