Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good morning?

Hopefully today is better than yesterday. Yesterday I spent the day in bed puking my guts up. So today HAS to be better than that, eh? ;-) I'm still feeling weak but I'm on the mend. Luckily I don't get sick very often. The last time I remember vomiting was at the c-section delivery 7 years ago! Unfortunately, anethesia and I don't get along.

So...are you ready for new artwork? Are you REALLLLY ready? This is a card that I made using my new Memory Box penguins. Sometimes I'm such a dork and don't think about only using part of a stamp. But if you can think outside the box you can get so much more use out of your stamps. For this card I used the kissing penguins...but for the side pieces I only inked up one and stamped it. That way they look like they are heading towards the center where they meet up with a kiss. Now I'm thinking I need an ice cube stamps! LOL! It never ends.

This card also uses little hearts from CTMH, Flourishes on the background (Rhonda Farrar?) and the saying from TAC.

I wrote a letter to the editor re: mental health and my friend's suicide. They wrote yesterday saying they planned on printing it but that that can change based on space. So we'll see if it shows up. I've had a couple letters actually make it in the past.

Ok, gotta go get ready for work. Have a great day all!


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