Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Sunday!

I'm back from Scrap Camp with some adventures to share. I started off my weekend on Friday (took the day off of work). It took me several hours to pack my scrapbooking stuff (because you never know what you're going to need). I didn't have hardly any pictures printed (whole last year was still on the digi card). So I also needed to do that on my way to camp and I needed to get new tires put on my PT Cruiser. So I left the house about 2:30. Drove into Tucson - stopped at CVS pharmacy. Spent about 45 minutes picking which pictures I wanted...zooming...correcting coloring...making beach pics sepia...and when I was all done I saved them. They told me it'd take about an hour so I headed over to get my tires done. They also said that'd take about an hour. So I left my car and went and got my hair cut and came back. I HAD to be at Scrap Camp at 6:00 for the check-in/announcements. At 5:00 they were still working on my car and I still had to pick up my pics. A little after 5:00 CVS calls my cell and tells me their computer went down and they are unable to print my pics. I finally get my car back and head to camp barely squeezing in under the time limit. I used the valet parking at the front and they told me it was free if I had it signed by the person at the convention. Get all my stuff down to the ballroom and check in. The lady helping me with my "luggage" tells me that she doesn't think valet is free and she'll double check it for me. Turns out it's $20 - so I need to get my ticket validated and move the car to self-parking if I don't want to pay. So I listen to announcements and then head off to try and get my ticket validated. They wouldn't validate it without me having something. So I order a kahlua and cream (by then I needed it! LOL!). $8.50 later (and a $1 for tip)...I get my ticket validated and go move my car. Then I went back and scrapped till about 11:30 that night and then drove the hour home. I was back up at 6:45 the next morning - with my goal to be at Camp by 9:00. I left here and on my way I called CVS to make sure my pics were ready. Still not so I tell them to cancel the order and I'll take them somewhere else. I hadn't brought my digi I had to turn around and drive back to the house to pick it up. Then stopped at Walgreens and spent another hour picking out the photos and prettying them up. Went to finish the process and literally half way through the transfer it says it has encountered an error and needs to shut down. Argh! At this point I literally cried. I spent $120 for the weekend and have no photos to scrapbook...and now it's 11:00 and my day is half over. So I head back out to Camp. Figure I'll just watch everyone else for the day or make some cards or something. Luckily when I got to camp one of the ladies had a self-standing printer with her and I was able to load the card and print enough photos to get me through. So from there on out it was a good weekend!

I had a GREAT secret pal and received lots of goodies. I have more chocolate than I'll ever be able to eat...I have brads in every shape/size color. I have scrapbooking kits and ribbons to match. I have a stamp set I'd been wanting. Lots and lots of stuff! And I never had a clue who was giving to me.
I also had fun with my secret pal. I left her packages all weekend. And instead of just walking up and revealing who I was...I left her a list of clues and she had to go around to the tables asking people things like "do you have a tattoo? do you know how to ride a motorcycle?" It was so funny. :-)
So, with that being said...I'll share the rest of HER gifts here today and then through the coming week I'll share my scrapbook pages that I complted (all 14 of them! it's a record I think!).
Here is her first gift for yesterday morning - an ice chest full of her favorite soda and a bag of M&M's.

Then her second gift was a box of embellishments with this tag:

Then I gave her a plain box of scrapbooking stuff (so no picture to share) and then this was her final gift for the weekend (it's filled inside too! it's a rolling SBing cart).

I also took an alcohol inks class over the weekend so I'll be able to share some of that here soon too. This was the 10th year for Scrap Camp and it's been determined that it's the final year. The people who organize it have decided that it's time is up and they just aren't able to do it anymore (now full time jobs, etc). I'm hoping someone else takes it over. I've even considered it myself. But it's something I'll need to discuss with my hubby. Right now there is a team of 7 or 8 people who put it together. So it's no small undertaking. Generally runs close to 100 women.
Well...LONG post for today. Does that make up for the several days where you didn't have one? Hope so.

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wow those are awesome packages!