Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I should have known...

I should have known it was going to be one of "those" days. I woke up to the alarm at 5:45 and turned it off and then decided I could get a few more minutes so I reset the alarm...but didn't turn it back on! I woke up an hour later, literally the time I should have been leaving the house. So, rolled out of bed, did my hair, threw on some clothes, put on deoderant and perfume (a necessity in 109 degree weather) and ran out the door. I got to work on time but rushed and tripped heading up the steps into the building. Don't ask me how. I took the full force (and I'm not a 90 pound lightweight like I wish I was) on one knee right on the edge of the brick steps. My purse and it's contents sprawled everywhere, a few obscenities flew. It literally hurt so badly that I thought I might pass out. I gathered up my purse and it's contents and went inside to sit down before I did pass out. Called the lead programmer to let him know I WAS there in the building - just not able to make it back to my desk yet. He came up and they got some ice for it. Filled out paperwork and then went to the clinic to have it checked. They just said to put it up, continue the ice and ibuprofen for the day and then they gave me a booster shot for my tetenus (hmm, not sure why...were those steps rusty???)

So, now I'm home early, with a botched up frozen knee. I got some new rubber yesterday in the mail from a 50% off sale - so maybe I'll make something later. One of my coworkers picked up a stamp for me too. I thought that was sweet of her to think of me.

Ok..let's see what I can find on my computer that I've saved but haven't shared yet. about some more scrapbook pages that I made at Scrap Camp? These two pages are from our San Diego trip last summer. This is from the zoo. The light bulb above the pages caused a glare in places...sorry about that! In general, a pretty basic layout. Sanded the cardstock to distress it a bit. Used a transparency overlay.

Also, once I had all the pics I wanted on the layout, there was no space left for journaling. So on the bottom photo on the second page I made a flip up space so the journaling is UNDERNEATH the photo (like the inside of a card). I don't know if you can see the pic of the two tortoises "doing it" but I HAD to include that pic because the boys saw it and asked why the tortoise was climbing the "rock". LOL!

Once again, a pretty simple layout. Sanding and color blocking and then the hidden journaling.



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