Friday, June 8, 2007

Venting...and more cards promised tomorrow!

First off...I promise to post more cards tomorrow. Tonight I go to a stamp club - so I KNOW I'll have some cards to share tomorrow!

On to the vent. I'm so frustrated with my work situation. I sat at my desk today for an hour and cried and then cried all the way home. I haven't programmed in 10 years (so I have a huge learning curve to begin with) and add to that new languages, etc. They offer no formal training (most places I've worked will send you for a 1 or 2 day crash course in the language at least to get you started). My boss wants me to work ONLY for him and to ONLY ask HIM questions. Which would be ok if he was available. But about 75% of the time he's physically not there or so busy with everyone else and his own work that he can't help. Usually I'll email him my questions...and it can take up to 3 weeks to get a response! So yesterday I tried ASKING him a question and he told me that he didn't have time, that the other new guy had 4 emails and that he needed to respond to them. (He did eventually come over and help me though). Today I finished getting the program running from yesterday and then spent all day working on "assignments" that he's given me in the past on things he doesn't think I know well enough. One of them was to build a scroll bar into one of my pages/programs (which allows users to ask for multiple employee ID's for example instead of just one). I'd done one before on the finance system but it had been deleted because of a boo-boo (of my bosses, not mine). So I didn't have a sample to follow. I tried finding one on the HR system (where the program resides) and wasn't having any luck finding a scroll bar. So I asked another programmer if she knew of any pages I could use as samples. She showed me one and told me that she wasn't supposed to be helping me. And that was my breaking point. I understand she's under pressure and will be working all weekend on a project...and she still helped it's not her at all. It's the fact that everyone has been told not to help me - and he's never available. So how in the heck am I supposed to learn? It's like taking a 1st grader and putting them into a 4th grade class and expecting them to figure it out and the teacher is too busy to help. I am learning - but could learn faster with more direction. I feel like I'm being punished (by not passing "probation" yet because I'm not programming at the level he expects) for something that isn't my fault.

Ugh. I'm off to my stamping club so I can try and forget work for a couple days.


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Anonymous said...

Stamp club was fun...I got some great ideas. I enjoyed dinner too! Hope it helped you forget about work for awhile!