Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm CRABby!

I'm SOOOO glad it's Friday! But then the weekend flys by too fast and it's Monday again. Oh well, guess you take what you get.

Realized I hadn't posted in a couple days and decided I probably should do that. I meant to do it last night but got distracted trying to find some stuff online for my secret pal (for scrap camp next month). Sometimes it's a bad thing to carry a variety of items...I was looking at Addicted to Rubber Stamps last night and searched for "chipboard" and I think it was around 14 pages (of 100 items per page). It was insane! Unfortunately, they didn't have the one line of stamps I've been looking for myself...the Stampendous Changito Monkeys. I'll have to figure out how to do a link over the weekend so I can post the monkeys. They are so cute!

My family is all having a family reunion this weekend. I wasn't able to go since I can't get time off work yet. I wanted to go because they will be doing a memorial service at it and my Dad will be remembered. And since I'm feeling a little CRABBY about the whole thing...I decided to share these particular cards!

Stamps are from Stampin Up. I love this crab...he's just so darn cute. I've also been eyeing some crab stamps on another site Gina K Designs. What is it about crabs that are so adorable? You'd think a hard shelled creature from under the sea wouldn't be nearly as adorable as a fluffy critter...but I guess crabs are cute in their own special way.

This one I colored with H2O's that my secret pal sent me. They are kind of like hard water colors except when wet they are creamier and they shimmer. Very pretty in real life. The background is done with a Fiskars plate.

Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

Cute crabby cards. I was so excited to get my mulberry paper in the mail yesterday that I just had to make some mulberry batik today. Well I did and it came out awesome...then I started chopping to to death to get it work in a sketch that I liked...well nothing. I ended up putting a square of it on a 3x3 card with a white ribbon around it that says "Thank you very much" at the bottom. UGH! So frustrated.

Talk to you soon!


Traci said...

The crab stamp is really cute and the colored background you choose looks really pretty.

Traci :)