Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm really irritated at SplitCoastStampers right now. Remember the two pictures I posted yesterday? (Hippo and Crab hat)? Well, I also posted those pics to my gallery on SCS. They DELETED the picture of my son wearing the crab hat. They sent me an email and said that they only allowed stamped items to be posted. So I contacted them again and told them that the hat WAS stamped. They wrote back this morning and said that the focus had to be on the if I wanted to post it I had to just take a close up picture of the hat and that I should find another place for my "personal photos".

I've seen pictures in the gallery of peoples' kids stamping, I've seen pics of peoples' kids holding cards they created. Also, I see pics of cards by themself that are "staged" so they look better (for example a card with grapes on it might have a picture taken with a wine bottle). So, how is what I did any different? Without the head to put it on...the hat will look like a white blob.

I guess I better get going and head to work. TGIF! I'll post some new artwork later tonight when I get home.



constancemacko said...

Well gee.... I guess we better not post any scrapbook layouts that have photos then! LOL.... don't let it worry ya!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear they are being silly. I loved the hat and the picture of him wearing it was priceless.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Daven Nolta said...

hi jane, sorry that happened. we get some wacky submissions sometimes and the gallery moderators do their best to keep things neat and orderly. if it was me I probably would not have deleted your uploads, but that's just me. send a note to me personally if there's ever anything I can help with.