Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Wish List

Last night I worked on my swap cards. I'm about 3/4's of the way done but need to borrow some cardstock to finish them.

Today I need to work on a Father's Day card for my dh. Don't even know what I'm going to do. In the past I've made him a mini scrapbook, cards with the kids handprints, I've made him t-shirts with "we walk all over our dad" on it with their footprints on it. And another that says "we can't keep our hands off our dad" with their handprints on it. I know he plans on buying something that he wants for himself. So today it's just a card in the plans...maybe something with monkeys or computers?

As I said in a former post, I've been shopping for my secret pal on-line. I've found a lot of cute things that I would love to have (LOL!) So today I'm going to attempt a new feature on my blog...I'm going to attempt to do hyperlinks. So...hopefully if I do it right you'll be able to click on items and it'll take you to their website to view each item. Maybe I'll enable someone else!

Before I start...let me just say that if you want to save money and NOT find new stamps to lust over...then you need to STAY AWAY from the SplitCoastStampers gallery! With so many stampers from all over the get a lot of exposure to wonderful artwork that makes you want to buy all the stamps! LOL!

I fell in love with these Changito Monkey stamps. They are so adorable! Here are some cards made with the stamps from the SCS gallery And then there are the Crabs from Gina K Designs. There is one shown at the top of the page and then another in a bucket at the bottom of the page. (Gina is from SCS and has started up her own company...very cute stamps all the way around but I love the crabs the best.) Here is one card sample made by the designer herself. And here is another created by a different person (Ericka). Then there is the Amuse stamp line...I don't have any particular favorites...but it seems like I love every card I see made with them. Here and here are a couple sample cards made with their stamps. And lastly, I love the Penguins by Memory Box. Oops...those were just the new release penguins for summer. Here is the full line. And here and here are a couple card samples from the gallery.If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not much of a floral type of gal. Give me critters any day! LOL!

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