Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm SO scatterbrained!

Ever have one of THOSE days? Today I was coming home from work. I needed to stop and pick up some cupcakes for my DS to take to daycare tomorrow for his birthday. I stopped at Albertsons and just decided they were too expensive. So back into the car and stopped at Fry's. Went inside and got the cupcakes and a few other things and went up to pay. Swiped my debit card and then went out and unloaded the groceries in the car. When I got to the daycare I decided to go ahead and take the cupcakes in tonight so we didn't have to unload and reload them tomorrow. It was then that I thought "I better make sure I got my debit card back." Well, it wasn't in the place in my purse where I always put it. I carried the cupcakes inside and then unloaded the bags to check in there. Then I looked through the rest of my purse. I sat the checkbook out so I could pay (it accrues a late fee if not paid today). I didn't find the card. Packed my purse back up and left with the boys. Got half way home before I realized I hadn't clocked the boys out...NOR had I paid. Grrrr. Came home and did one last search and called the grocery store. Then had to call and cancel the card. Ugh. In 37 years it's the first time I've lost a credit/debit type I guess it isn't so bad. But I just feel so out of it these days. Still trying to get used to the whole 40 hour work week plus being a mom.

I do remember one other time I felt this scatterbrained but it was due to lack of sleep. (I rediapered my son in his wet diaper and still had the dry one in my hand when I "finished" changing him!) But being a light weight (less than 4 pounds) he was up every 2 hours around the clock and I was exhausted. So at least then I had an excuse.

So...share with me your worst scatterbrained day so I don't feel so bad. :-)

And on that is a very appropriate card to share! Stamps are from Sparkle & Sprinkle. Inside the sentiment says "I hate it when that happens". I used some of the same patterned paper to line the inside of the envelope to match and also used a strip of it on the outside front of the card.

I got some new stamps today (from a 20% off sale and free shipping). I need to make a birthday card for my son (who loves Hippos...and luckily my hippo stamp came in today). So keep your eyes out for more cards. And don't forget about the Ronald McDonald House! (See below for more details.)


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