Saturday, June 9, 2007


Did you know you can send LOTS of things through the mail? Things that are NOT in a box or envelope? Pretty muchly, as long as it's safe to send (not breakable, flammable, etc) it can be sent. I belong to a group of stampers called Arizona Stampers and they enjoy sending out fun things. One day I got a pen that was in a package (like the store packaging) and they'd just put my address on the back and put stamps on it and put it in the mail! Then today I got a PLATE...yep, a plate. A pretty paper plate. I decided it needed to be shared here where everyone could enjoy it. So, without further it is!

I don't know if you can read it...but handwritten around the edge of the plate it says "Little by little, day by day, friends and flowers grow that way."

And here is the back so you can see they just put on postage and addressed it. Hmm...if you were going to do a themed cute would this be for the invites? (Just need to buy an extra package of plates.)

In the continued spirit of sharing - here is one of the cards we made last night at the stamp club. It was all designed out for us so we mainly just had to copy it. Even there I screwed up. But the good thing about stamping is that you can use your screw ups and just modify your plan.

The striped paper on this card was supposed to be cut across and then taped down so there was a gap of the yellow showing through. I didn't realize that and had already stuck my paper down before I did realize it. So I just went ahead with the rest the plan. Noone else would know except for me (and now all of you!) that I made a boo-boo.

Today I've been working on a couple things that I'll share later in the week. One is a post-it note holder made with 4x4 cardboard coasters and the other is my "quirky cards" swap card. I've got them mostly finished but both need a few finishing touches. So you'll have to wait...but I promise they are WORTH waiting for! One has new stamps...and the other will make you laugh.

Have a great rest of the day.


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