Sunday, June 17, 2007

Off Color Cat Card

Last night I broke out the stamps that I'd gotten from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. They had run a special on their "pound o rubber" so I'd bought 2 pounds. There were a LOT of duplicates so I'm hosting a Round Robin Swap on SCS to try and get rid of some of the stamps that I didn't like or that were duplicates. They definately have some unusual stuff! I'll be posting some of the cards this week. But this card was my it gets posted first! LOL!


This card is created in memory of my Mom who HATED cats (because her sister's cat killed her beloved parakeet). So, if you're a cat may not want to view the card. I'm really much more of a dog person than a cat person...but I don't hate them. And I still found the card humourous. So, I guess I'm saying, view it with caution, an open mind, and a sense of humor.

There were a few cat stamps (and a few dog stamps) in my pounds o' rubber...but this one seemed perfect for the sentiment which reads "So many few recipes!" Doesn't he look just a tad bit paranoid? This was SUCH an easy card to I wish I'd chosen it as my swap card. I'm still working on the "Roses are Like Men" cards because they are so detailed.

Have a great Father's Day all.


Elaine said...


I love your cat card and I love cats. Thanks for the chuckle. ;-)

Elaine from AZ Stampers

Nancy said...

Jane ~ I just love your cat card. We always had cats growing up and I know how they are. *grin*
I'll be linking your blog on mine...keep up the great work!

Susan said...

I totally love it,had to read it twice because I couldn't believe it, it's exactly how I feel about the five next door! No really, I like cats, but from afar, like, a far away from my yard! I think I could sell my grass as cat litter, phewy!

xxoo Tammy said...

LOL. Same as elaine here!

nice cat card!!