Saturday, December 1, 2007

Who would have thought MICE could be sweet?

I love all the House Mouse stamps. I'm slowly accruing quite a collection. I can't afford to pay new price - so I either get them on ebay or on the buy/sell/trade forum on Splitcoaststampers.

This is one of the "new used" stamps I'd purchased probably a couple months ago and hadn't had a chance to play with yet. So when I went stamping with my friend Concetta I took my new stamps to play with. This is the card I came up with.

The bad thing about these images is that they are really large (usually) so they don't leave a lot of room for embellishing or layering. But I think this still came out with a nice little pizzazz to it. The word stamp is from Stampin' Up. Lots of pen stitching and a couple of brads and the card is finished! It's colored with chalks (my only choice for the mice...I've tried watercolors and colored pencils but chalks are my favorite for them).

I got paid yesterday and it was a 3rd paycheck for the month so they didn't take benefits out of it. I decided I deserved a small purchase. And I'd gotten an email from Hambo Stampsthat they were having a sale for the first of December and I don't own ANY of their stamps (which is a sin!) So I placed an order - originally it was for 6 unmounted stamps. But they emailed me this morning and one of the images is out of stock (and two of the sayings went with that image). So now I'm settling for three new stamps instead. I love their sense of humor and their images are pretty cute.

I need to start working on Christmas gifts. I am probably making notecard sets for the teachers (since I bought a Roadrunner stamp for that purpose a while back and haven't used it yet). I'm still working on the calendars. I'm not sure what I'm doing for the folks at work. I want to buy something little for them (like a coffee mug or maybe a decorated candy bar...nothing over $5 each). I bought hubby a small gift but would like to add a few things to it. I need to even out the gifts for the kids (mainly need some sort of a game for the older one...a PSP or PS2 game). I think they are pretty even other than that. I also need to work on getting Christmas cards ready to mail and write a newsletter for the year. Due to a dead battery in my Palm and a subsequent crash of our harddrive...I don't think I have ANY addresses. So this year the only people who are getting cards are ones that mail one to me first.

Well, rambling away here. I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!


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Suzanne said...

Cute card. I love the House Mouse & Happy Hoppers stamps to but have a hard time with them being so large.