Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artwork...as promised!

A couple weeks ago I placed my first order at Hambo Stamps. They have some adorable stuff and I love their humor. They were having a sale so I HAD to finally take the plunge and buy a few stamps. The customer service there was awesome and I'd highly recommend them. (Especially if you have a slightly ill sense of humor! ;-) ) Well, yesterday my stamps arrived and I was in the mood to create.

So I went onto SCS and looked for a challenge. I didn't like the sketch challenge for the week so checked out the limited supply challenge. This week the challenge is to use a white card base and limited layers and limited embellishments. Umm...ok, I could do that. (Let me just say now...that sometimes it's the simple things that are the most difficult!)

My first envisionment was a plain white card with a rectangle dry embossed in the center and that was where I'd stamp my penguins. Well, I did that...but the embossing just didn't "pop" on the card the way I wanted it to. I wanted the whole center section to be up and really the only raised part was the four lines around the edge of the rectangle. And it looked too plain. So I masked off the center section and stamped snowflakes (SU) around the rectangle and sponged the edges. Better but still boring. So I finally opted to add the tiny "frame" around the rectangle, the ribbon, the brads, and glitter glue to the ice cubes.

I finally like it well enough to call it done...but still don't love it. I do love the images though. They are so cute!

One thing to note, their unmounted stamps come with the sticky cushion attached (so you can place it on wood). I thought it was EZ Mount (with static cling) and I plopped the first one on my acrylic block and then couldn't get it off! Yikes! So the rest of the stamping I did by holding the stamps with my fingers...guess I need to find a few small wood blocks!

Have a great day all!



Littlekel90 said...

Aww, these penguins are so dang cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I have thought about trying the dry embossing with my nestabilities circle or oval, too. I am not sure how I would jazz it up a bit though. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject. Thanks!

Suzanne said...

Cute card. I like the embossed lines in the middle.

Tracey said...

This is such a cute card! And I just had a quick look at the Hambo Stamps and wow they are adorable my favs were the bugs very funny thanks for the link.