Monday, December 24, 2007

SC155 - Have an Ice Day

First off...some artwork. I followed the sketch challenge#155 on SCS.

I used my new Hambo Stamps. The ice cubes are cute without the penguins but the penguins (in former posts) are oh so cute on their own or paired with the ice cube. I can definately see myself buying from this company again. Anyways, here's my card!

Now on to personal ramblings:

My dog (Mr. Sammy) hasn't been acting right for the last few days. Last night I discovered a bulge/lump on his belly. Guess we'll now have to come up with $ for the vet (assuming they are open on Christmas Eve day) and pray that it's something relatively simple. My uneducated guess is a hernia but I'm certainly not an expert!

Ok...gotta run to work. Have a great day. I won't be posting artwork tomorrow.


1 comment:

Rose Ann said...

Super cute card!! I hope Mr. Sammy is okay!!