Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Friday morning (for me!)

I'm taking tomorrow off today is FRIDAY for me! LOL.

First I'll share some artwork and then will ad the vet update below so you can read it if you're interested.

This card uses a House Mouse image. I love how cute the images are but have a hard time working with them because they are SO large. I colored mostly with chalks (used pencils to color in the curling ribbon). Then I had an "ah ha" moment and instead of using ribbon...I used curling ribbon! ;-) This card would need to be hand delivered or otherwise packaged (wouldn't fit in a regular envelope without costing a fortune for the bulk that the curling ribbon added). But I love the extra "bling" it adds!

Update on the vet - the lump is a hernia which they weren't worried about. The reason he's walking so funny is because he has an inherited condition which is causing calcium to grow on his spine and is putting pressure on his disks...which is then causing him pain and partial paralysis. They gave him the highest dose of steroids they could yesterday (a shot) and sent us home with a prescription of more. And now it's "wait and see" to see how he responds. It sounds like it's progressive so my guess is that this is a short term "fix" (assuming it works). The next option was surgery which they said cost several thousand dollars and once again, it's temporary more than likely. They told us we didn't do anything wrong - it's inherited. Sigh. At this point we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

To top my day off yesterday, I went outside to leave for work and my car wouldn't start. So it was a mad rush to find someone who could drive me partway to work (my hubby) and someone who could come partway and pick me up from work (a coworker). I couldn't take DH's car nor could he drive me all the way in because he had to get the dog to the vet appt. It was a crazy day! I didn't leave work till 6:00 then met up with hubby and got a battery, came home and put it in. I was exhausted and headed to bed BEFORE my kids last night.

Hope you have a great "Friday"! ;-)



Linda said...

I have a couple of those beautiful but really BIG stamps too. Somehow I didn't think about it much when I fell in love with the stamp in the store.

How your pooch feels better for a VERY long time.

Rose Ann said...

This is so cute!! Great coloring on these little guys!! Happy "Friday"!