Friday, December 28, 2007

Thanks SNOW much!

Once again, my card isn't what I had intended but I like how it turned out. I'd chosen THIS sketch from SCS that the main focus is a circle..and I thought it'd be cute with a snowman face.

But then I didn't like how it looked at the top of the card...and it needed a hat. So I ended up improvising. Cut a square and rectangle out of cardstock, rounded the edges and stuck it together to make a hat. Did faux stitching around it and attached it to my snowman's head. Then used ribbon for his scarf (had seen someone do that on SCS before and thought it was such a cool idea).

The stamp set is called "Cold Play" from SU. It's a retired stamp set. The saying is also from SU (I think) but I'm not sure which set. It was a single stamp I acquired at some point.

Do you think I should add pink chalk for cheeks? Or glitter on his nose? Or should I stop while I'm ahead?



Littlekel90 said...

I think he is cute and very life-like just the way he is, but pink to his cheeks would add more color and "cuteness" to the image. ;) Kelly

Kristine said...

Hi JANE!! :) THis is adorable!! Personally, anytime I have a face of any kind, I like to add pink or light coral for cheeks. He's already cute, but that would finish him up, (just my opinion though) :) GREAT CARD...I love the saying also. You're very creative to come up with the scarf and hat idea!! :)